Naomi Gates

Naomi Gates graduated from the Unversity of Colorado with a degree in Psychology. She has always been an observer and notices patterns on how people take actions based on emotions and other factors. This became her first inspiration on what she has accomplished today.

Before was launched, Naomi worked as a corporate HR representative where she dealt with employees’ concerns daily. She would solve HR concerns that vary from employee conflicts, promotions advice, and performance appraisals. It was around the same time when she started her e-book entitled “Life By Naomi” that outlines how to use a specific template to make decisions and just win at life. She took inspiration from the people’s daily struggle in the office, and the stories they they share with her. When she was almost done writing her book, she planned out how to promote it, and the first thing that she did was to build serves as a preview of her amazing book. She shares her insights on through her mind-blowing articles. You will be surprised at how she sees things differently that allows her to come up with efficient ways to go around or overcome challenges in life be it in the office, family, relationship, and life decisions.