A Summer Baby Shower


Last month, I organised a baby shower for my friend Carina, who is expecting her baby boy any day now.

Carina is an expert baker, and has a very definite sense of style, so I knew that our venue and the food on offer had to be of a certain quality. Fortunately, I had also seen an afternoon tea at And the Dish Ran Away With the Spoon in West Didsbury, Manchester, and knew that it would be perfect for us. This tiny tea room has a real sense of charm, with its teas stored in vintage jars and vintage bakeware displayed. The retro furniture is mis-matched, as is the china, and the cakes are really delicious.

I knew that Carina had found a little elephant mobile to go over her baby’s cot, and used this as inspiration for the invitation.

Screen Shot 2013-07-16 at 20.25.19

The afternoon tea was amazing: tiny sandwiches and a huge selection of cakes. Here is Carina herself, with some of the cakes.


Pinterest was invaluable for planning this; what did we do before it was created?

The first idea which I stole was a ‘Guess the Arrival Date.’ I managed to get a really sweet baby footprint stamp and some silver ink, and created a calendar of possible arrival dates. Everyone at the shower chose a date, stamped it, and then signed it. I later framed the calendar. The winner will get a prize!


I also printed off slips of paper with starter wishes on them – things like ‘I hope you love…’, ‘I hope you aren’t afraid of…’,  ‘I hope you grow…’ Each person then filled them in with their wishes for the baby. I collected and put them all together for Carina.


This was a tricky activity to start with, but it did get everyone talking; the only person who knew everyone was Carina, and it was lovely to get to meet some of her friends. The wishes and hopes for the baby is something I know I would treasure.

This was the first baby shower I have ever organised, and I really enjoyed it… I think Carina did too.

By Naomi

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