Beauty Salon Time Savers for Busy Mums


Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post.

Before I was married, and especially before I became a mum, I loved getting beauty treatments. Massages, facials, manicures… A visit to the beauty salon was a fairly regular occurrence. Even if finances were a bit stretched, I’d have a treatment at the 6th form beauty salon at school for a fraction of the price. 

Since I’ve become a mum, though, it’s not the cost which stops me from getting pampered. No. Instead, it’s the time. 

An hour having a facial? A 45 minute manicure (and a few hours doing very little after that while it sets)? You have got to be joking. If I leave work before 4pm – which is only possible as I’m a teacher and in before 8am and work in the evenings – I’m dashing off to pick up the kids. I haven’t got time to pop into the beauty salon. As for my frequent daydream of a spa day, well, that is definitely a far-off dream. 

However, I have recently discovered a few treatments which I consider to be really good value in terms of time and money. There are some you can do at home, and some salon treatments, but they all last a decent amount of time for the half an hour or so that it takes. We all know that if you look more groomed, you feel a million times better. A good haircut, having your nails done or being able to achieve salon treatments at 10pm at night in front of the television are all smart moves for busy mums. 


First up is a salon treatment: Shellac nails. Now, I only discovered this fairly recently when my local beauty salon had an offer on and I decided to treat myself. But it really is amazing – it’s really solid nail varnish which stays on for weeks. Mine usually lasts 3-4 weeks, although I do always wear gloves for washing up or gardening and I’m fairly careful with my nails. 

A single colour takes around 30 minutes and costs £20-£25, which, compared to a manicure which might last a few days, is really good value.


You know it makes sense: waxing lasts so much longer than any other hair removal method, and the regrowth is finer. Keep at it, and you will really see the difference in the long term, and you’ll avoid that horrible stubbly sensation on your legs. All salons offer waxing, although hot waxing is really the only way to go, so check out which waxing kits they use.

Of course, if you’re brave, you can always have a go at home!

Hair and Skin treatments

“I’ll just put a treatment on your hair,” says the hair-washing lady at the salon. Well, they always do to me anyway. I’ve actually found that lots of the hair masks around are excellent and much more nourishing than a deep conditioner. I’ve found a brilliant range in TK Maxx. 

The other treatment to try at home is a sheet face mask – again, you can find them in lots of supermarkets and chemists. It might not be one tor try when the kids are at home though! 

A good primer

Primers are my make up discovery of the last few years. I now wear one every day (currently one by Max Factor) and it does make a real difference to the texture of your skin but most importantly, the staying power of the rest of your make up. There are some excellent recommendations for long-lasting make up in this article: 12 of the best long lasting make up products.

Semi-permanent make-up

Now, part of me cannot believe I’m writing this, but there have been huge developments in semi-permanent make up over the last few years. So if you’re always doing your brows or putting on false lashes, it’s definitely worth looking at a HD Brows treatment or lash extensions. Yes, the appointment might last a bit longer, but you’ll save time in the long run if you don’t have to put mascara on or do your brows every day. 

I honestly believe it’s so important to look after yourself, especially when you become a mum. We don’t need to give up the beauty treatments – we just need to make sure they are worth our time!


By Naomi

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