Life Regrets: Why is it normal to have it rather than rush to overcome it?

Life Regrets: Why is it normal to have it rather than rush to overcome it?

You probably had something happen to you that made you feel regret. But overcoming that regret can be quite challenging. Unfortunately, there is no guide about life that will help you solve the problem, and having this feeling can cause so many problems in the future. 


Yes, it’s time for life talks! Let’s see what the simplest way to find a way to move on is. 

What Do We Mean by Regrets?

Regret is the feeling we have when there are things that happened in the past that didn’t go as we hoped they would. And this feeling is always related to past events. One can be sad about missing opportunities, mistakes they made, chances they didn’t take, and so on. 


And the main problem with this is that it can become overwhelming for so many people. Especially if you continue thinking about the past. A person that fails to overcome regret can spend more time thinking about what could have been than living their life. So, the first thing to understand is that there is no way to change what has happened. It is unfortunate, but it’s true. 


Instead, a person should focus on mending mistakes if possible, and if not, try to avoid making the same ones again in the future. 

How and Why Do People Have It?

In the majority of cases, regret is caused by things a person failed to do. It can be a wrong choice they made in the past or their not acting the way they wanted. The entire idea can be thought-provoking, and they keep being stuck in the past hoping that they could change their actions. 


And there are numerous reasons why this might happen. The most obvious reason is that the person experiencing regret is not happy with their current life. They want something more or they are in need of a change. As a result, they go back to a time when they had control and they could have made a difference. But they failed to do it. Keep in mind that the lack of action can also be a cause of regret. They might have stayed inactive when they should have done something. Said something. 


One of the most common reasons to feel regret is when a person wishes they spent more time with their loved ones. Our lives are short, and there is not enough time to do everything. Some focus on their careers and neglect their family, for example. And that will almost always cause them to regret it. 

Why Having Regrets Is Normal

One of the things people need to understand is that feeling regret is perfectly normal. We all make mistakes, and there isn’t a single person on earth who is flawless. At one point in their lives, they did something stupid, cruel, or petty. If they could turn back time, they would probably do it differently, but they can’t. And they need to learn to live with it. 


All of it is a part of life. Now, wishing you could change a bad decision is not harmful. In fact, it will prevent you from making the same mistake in the future. It can have a positive effect on your life and help you develop good habits. As long as you are not burdening yourself with mistakes, there is nothing to worry about. The point here is to avoid regret consuming your entire life, and possibly affecting the future. 

What Are Other People’s Regrets?

Some of the things we mentioned might seem familiar, and it will help you avoid making the same mistake as so many other people. And this is why we will take a look at some of the biggest regrets people experience


As you can probably guess, the most common regret is romance. People wished they made the first move a while back, that they never broke up with their partner, that they behaved better, and so on. And you probably experienced it by yourself. The second cause for regret is related to family, and it usually means that the person wanted to spend more time with them. 


Family relations are followed by education and career, and the majority of people wished they went to a college or left the toxic environment that made them hate their job. Finally, we have finances and parenting on the list of most common reasons to feel regret. 

Would Overcoming Regret Affect People’s Mental Health?

Yes. If you are able to continue living your life and using situations from your past as life experiences, you will be able to feel better about your life. Big regrets can cause someone to feel burdened by their past, and every single aspect of their life will be affected. Negative thoughts are an essential part of the process, and those in this situation will constantly blame themselves for what they did or didn’t do. 


Now, no one is saying that you shouldn’t feel bad about what you did if you are to blame. But instead of ruining a big part of your life, you can learn from the experience and make the best of it. If it is possible to fix the mistake, focus on doing that. And if the situation is out of your hand, then find a way to move on. You aren’t helping anyone by feeling bad, and no one will appreciate it. So, focus on improving your mental health and your life and do your best to avoid making similar mistakes. 

What Should You Do Instead

Saying that overcoming life regret is simple would be completely wrong. It is a slow process that requires a lot of work and dedication. One of the first things you should do is remind yourself of the life lessons you’ve learned. Having that as a positive side of the situation will be more than helpful. 


You can also re-think the entire situation from the beginning. We often believe that we made a mistake and that a different outcome would be better, but this isn’t always the case. Maybe your best-case scenario would be even worse compared to what has happened.


Finally, try to forgive yourself. If you are the one that made a mistake, amend it if possible. If not, try to move on. Lingering in the past won’t help anyone. And the only way to move on is to forgive yourself. You can always talk to other people and see how the problem looks from a different perspective. It might be just the thing you needed to finally close that chapter of your life.