How to Maximize the Use of Your Dildos

How to Maximize the Use of Your Dildos

Both online and brick-and-mortar sex shops offer a plethora of dildos you can pick and choose from. They come in different shapes, sizes, and materials, such as glass, sleek steel, or colorful silicone.

If you have just bought a new dildo and do not know how to use it to maximize your pleasure, or even if you are an experienced dildo user looking for some new tips and tricks, you have come to the right place.

Don’t Forget — All Dildos Can Do the Trick

There’s no such thing as a bad dildo, especially nowadays when there are so many different types of them. All you need to do is learn how to use them to make the most of your one-on-one sessions.

Maybe the best advice you can get if you are a beginner is to choose the right toy for you. Remember — you are just stepping up your fingering game, so make sure that your first toy is smaller, around five inches or less.  We have tried several dildos from Lovegasm. We think it’s a great starting point to your dildo exploration, and you can find them here and see for yourself.

The majority of ladies enjoy dildos that are roughly six inches long, which is slightly longer than the average penis size.

Women who like to step up their dildo game opt bigger models. So, if you are a beginner, massive dildos won’t be your best bet.

Anyhow, once you have found the right dildo, you are ready to go at it. Just make sure to take things slow and easy and don’t rush into things.

In the Mood for a Dildo

Every step counts if you want to get the most of your masturbating experience. Sometimes just putting a dildo into your vagina doesn’t do the trick. In that case, you need to take a few moments to put yourself in the right mood for adventurous solo play.

Here are a few steps you can take to put yourself in the right mood for some dildo sex play:

  • Choose the right room where you feel safe, comfortable, and, more importantly, protected from the eyes of nosy parkers.
  • Next, you can try dimming the lights, or simply closing your curtains to set the erotic tone.
  • Also, you do not want to be cold, so set the temperature to your liking.
  • Have some wine, put on some sexy lingerie, and create sexual fantasies in your mind.

Sometimes, the right thing to do before using your dildo and setting yourself on an orgasmic journey is to watch some porn or read erotica if that gets you going.

It pretty much boils down to listening to your body and following your instincts. So, take your time, do not rush, and let yourself go to a fantastic orgasmic dildo experience.

Pre-Dildo Warm-Up

Before you maximize your G-spot stimulation with a dildo, try to prepare the “ground.” A bit of old-school, finger action will help the dildo slide naturally into your vagina. What’s more, it is super fun! Just use your hand to get you going by stimulating your clit. Remember — there is no better lube than the natural one.

Then, you can slowly make your way to other parts of your body. Here’s another idea! Try using a dildo with your partner. They can try and touch your nipples or caress your booty.

In a nutshell, whatever arouses you, goes!

When You Find Yourself High and Dry — Use Lube

If you can get wet but still feel like going on a dildo adventure, do not worry! There is a sliver of lubes on the market that you can use to help your toy make its way in. On the other hand, no matter how naturally wet you are, you can use lube anyway.

As you already know, dildos are made of different materials, so sometimes they require adequate lubricant. For example, if you want a double penetration dildo or a metal one, applying lube is necessary, and natural lubrication is not enough. If you are new to dildos, water-based lube may be right up your alley.

Use the Right Technique

The first thought that comes to mind when one sees a dildo is that there are few ways to use it. But you can get creative with it. We give you a few techniques you can try.

If you are a dildo rookie, you can start with shallow thrusting. The vagina is super-sensitive, and no matter how deep you insert the dildo, you won’t miss out on mind-blowing orgasms.

More seasoned dildo users sometimes enjoy deeper thrusts. Inserting your dildo deeper will resemble and feel like the real penis penetration.

Another way of getting creative with a dildo is by rubbing this simple sex toy on internal circles of your vagina before thrusting it and getting yourself off.

You can also set your mind on finding your sweet spot and then use different sized dildos to really target that area. By using this technique, you will feel the tension and arousal in the vaginal walls, not only your vaginal canal.

Dildo play is a great way to help those in a quest for their G-spot. If it takes time to find it, do not worry and enjoy the process. Finally, you will experience a mind-blowing orgasm.

Move Around Until You Find the Right Spot

Sometimes, all it takes to give you a fantastic dildo experience is the right position.

Most people prefer lying on their backs. Others prefer sitting up, which is even easier because it helps you get the hang of what feels good.

Another thing you can do is lie on your side or face-down. The first position will have your legs squeezed together, giving you space to maneuver around the walls of your vagina.

When face-down, you will be less distracted by the surroundings and fully focussed on your body. Moreover, you will have space for deep penetration and a wide range of movement. Another thing you can do, once you are in this position, is to press your body weight against the floor or bed and thrust dildo in and out hands-free. Suction-cup dildos are particularly great if you apply this technique since it allows you to ride your erotic toy.

Sex Toys Make Hot-and-Cold Games Fun

Temperature play is another way to step up your dildo game.

Here’s how it works!

If you enjoy using candles and ice cubes during sex, exploring cold and hot sex toys will be your cup of tea.

For example, glass dildos, or other adult toys, usually need more time to reach your body temperature, so you will get the thrilling sensation in your vagina if you insert it without warming it up.

Also, many sex toys can electronically heat themselves up or cool down, but dildos made of steel and glass are your safest bet since these gadgets come with numerous safety hazards.


All in all, dildos are your perfect ally when it comes to masturbating or spicing things up in the sack.

All it takes is setting the mood for the dildo sex play, and you are ready to set off on a fantastic erotic journey!