Updating your man’s summer wardrobe


I have to confess, Tim is much more ruthless than me when it comes to clothes. He goes through his wardrobe very regularly, getting rid of things that are worn out or that he doesn’t wear any longer. He’s also pretty regimented with his wardrobe, keeping work, casual and sports clothes separately. A few weeks ago, he realized he was pretty low on summer clothes, and also needed some new sportswear for playing tennis.

Something you’ll realize if you follow me on Instagram is that Tim is really tall. 6ft 3in to be precise, and our boys are definitely taking after him. So he often finds it tricky to find clothes that are long enough, and on occasion, he’s been caught out by shorts that aren’t quite long enough. When we were approached by Jacamo to see if we wanted to collaborate on men’s clothing, I was a bit apprehensive. Tim can be a bit… well… particular when it comes to clothes.

Short on shorts?

He ordered three pairs of shorts from Jacamo, as that was what he really needed. Two pairs were for tennis, and the other pair was a casual pair.

Let’s say that the tennis pairs really helped him get into the Wimbledon spirit – he won his tennis match this weekend.

These are the Nike Flow Woven shorts. He also chose the Puma Essential Shorts.

Update your man's summer wardrobe

He’s particularly pleased with this navy pair, the Fenchurch Punter Shorts as they are a really good length on him. Also, he matches Samuel in his patterned navy t-shirt. This was just co-incidence, but he’s right on trend. I also feel the need to point out that there is absolutely no filter on this photo – I just took it with Tim’s phone. It was just so sunny everything is very over-exposed! 

We were really pleased with the purchases. They were all of really good quality, arrived quickly and the ordering process was really simple. We’ll definitely be shopping for men’s clothes with Jacamo again. You can find all these shorts and many more here: Jacamo shorts.

Disclaimer: We were gifted these items for the purposes of this post. All opinions are our own.


By Naomi


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    These are really cool shorts. I love Jacamo’s collection. So stylish and trendy outfits 🙂

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    Love how the kids clothes match with his shirt! I must say, though, I’m not a fan of the cargo shorts. Do you prefer non-pocketed shorts?

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