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A few weeks ago, Kelly-Anne from Mimi-Rose and Me tagged me in the Sunshine Blogger Tag. I thought it was a really lovely tag, and I liked the questions Kelly-Anne asked, so I’m joining in. I think we may even have a bit of sunshine this week, which would be very welcome after weeks of cold and rain. 

1.What’s the best thing about blogging for you?

Blogging is the only thing I do that is just for me. Of course, I write for my lovely readers, but probably the best thing is that it’s my hobby and my own creation. 
On top of that, since I’ve launched the Organised Life Project, I’ve had messages from readers and in our lovely Facebook group saying that the project really has made a difference to people’s homes and their general wellbeing. That’s brilliant, and exactly what I hope to achieve with the project. 

2. What is your happiest memory?

Oh, so many! The births of my two children. Our wedding day. The day Tim proposed. The day we moved up to Lancashire… And they are all in the last 10 years! 
I can distinctly remember a few weeks after moving up here, driving around and it being just so beautiful here. I felt incredibly lucky to live here. 

 3. Do you have a favourite season?

I like the changes in seasons, if that makes sense. I love the signs of spring, and then the shift into long, warm (hopefully) days, and then I really enjoy the return to routine that autumn brings. 

4.Are you an early bird or a night owl?

I’m an early bird, definitely. I’m not too bad at 6am, but I’m hopeless after 10pm!

5. If you have children, share your favourite photo of them.

This is one from last summer. I’d got them both on our bed, and they were just messing around – I think Ben had to hold on to Samuel to stop him rolling right off the bed. But I really love their wildness and affection in this photo. Pretty much sums them both up.  

6. What’s your favourite TV programme?

It’s probably Game of Thrones, which is now the only reason we have Sky. Tim and I like to have a series we watch together. Otherwise I just watch Call the Midwife while I’m ironing. 

7. How do you relax?

I read, preferably novels, but I will pretty much read anything. I don’t give myself much free time – I spend a lot of my free time blogging, or on social media, or marking and planning, but I love reading. Sometimes, at the weekend, I’ll escape to a cafe for a couple of hours with the laptop. That’s good. 

8. Tea or coffee?

Coffee. I’ve given it up for Lent though!

9. What inspires you?

Every day life. Words. Poetry. Things I see. Things I feel. The changes of the seasons. Pinterest (I love Pinterest. I’m always pinning lovely things I see. You can follow me here: Life by Naomi Pinterest.

10. Describe your dream home.

I thought Tim and I had very different ideas about our dream home. He’d like a Georgian townhouse while I’d like a farmhouse! But then we saw a house up the road from us which was being built. And both of us said to the other, “Have you seen that amazing house?”
For me, my dream house would be modern rustic – perhaps an old exterior with a modern interior, in a Scandi style – think lots of pale wood, white walls, lots of texture and woodburning stoves. We’d have plenty of room, so the kids could have a playroom or a den, and Tim could have a music studio where he could keep all of his records. We’d have a big kitchen with a table big enough for everyone to sit around, and it would be very light and looking out onto the garden. 
I’d have a blogging studio, obviously, because this is a dream home, right? It would have lots of natural light, and would be completely instagrammable. There would be a big table in the middle where I’d style my photographs, and a backdrop set up. I’d have a desk for writing, but I’d also have a comfy chair next to the woodburning stove at the other end of the studio, where I could sit and read… As you can tell, I’ve spent quite a lot of time imagining this room! 
You can read Kelly-Anne’s post here: The Sunshine Blogger Quiz 

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