Introducing… The Organised Life Project

The Organised Life Project

What is The Organised Life Project?

Do you struggle to fit everything in to your week? Feel like you never quite have enough time for everything you need to do? Do you struggle to motivate yourself to do housework? Or think that everything could just run smoother with a bit of planning?

If this sounds like you, I have the perfect project for you.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been planning and researching. I have asked you what you wanted to read (if you’ve not had your say, please let me know in the comments). I’ve asked you what you struggle with in your lives. Overwhelmingly, the response was getting organised enough to fit everything in, so that you have a bit of time for yourself.

So I had a bit of a think. I am generally a well-organised person. In my life, I absolutely depend on routines and tools to keep myself and my family organised.

I want to share these with you. I want to help you to create your own routines. Most of all, I want to help you get organised.

Life is so much easier when you’re organised. So much simpler. You know where things go. Everyone in the family can pitch in.

Crucially, it frees up time. We have so many pressures on our time, and often, and especially as parents, we’re desperate for time alone. Time to focus. An hour or two to spend however we like.

Good routines bring this. I’m not just talking about what you do in the morning or the afternoon, although those things are certainly important. But I’m also talking about organising your time, your clothes, your meals, your finances…

So throughout 2017, I’m going to be running The Organised Life Project.

The Organised Life Project | Life by Naomi

We will take each aspect of our lives, from housework to finances to our families, and focus on them month by month.

I’ll provide a structure, guidance and helpful hints to facilitate this. You can join our Facebook group where we can help encourage and motivate each other – all you need to do is to fill in the contact form below and I’ll send you a link to join.

I really hope you can join me! Let’s make 2017 your most organised yet!

By Naomi


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    Great! I’ve signed up!

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      Wonderful! Thank you xx

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    This sounds brilliant Naomi, well done, what a great brain wave. I’m sure the project will be a great success. Mich x

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    Looking forward to this! I’ve signed up too.

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    Yay found this in #mobosssquad and I’ve signed up too! Congrats on how well it is going xx

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    All signed up. Can’t wait ? I love lists and organising things but as with everything, there is always room for improvement x

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