Winter-Proof Your Skin with Aveeno


Every year, around this time, I suffer from terribly dry skin. The combination of cold weather, central heating and stress from work means that my skin gets extremely irritated.

It’s uncomfortable, unsightly and unpleasant.

No matter what I do, I haven’t found a solution. I use body cream each morning and night, emollients, avoid soap… and I usually end up reverting to steroid-based eczema creams. Even then, I often wake up in the middle of the night scratching and uncomfortable.

I’ve written before about how I struggle to find skincare which doesn’t affect my eczema. So when I was offered a selection of Aveeno products to try, I was really keen. Aveeno products are highly recommended for eczema sufferers as they contain collodial oatmeal which is very soothing.

Aveeno Skincare

I can really recommend the Aveeno Oil Bath and Shower Oil. It’s a really unusual product. It has the consistency and appearance of honey, which transforms into an almost milky texture when you apply it to wet skin. It’s not like a normal shower gel – it doesn’t foam and froth – but it definitely cleanses, and definitely moisturises well. It doesn’t leave the skin – or the shower – greasy or slippery, which is lovely.

I had to follow it with moisturiser, as it wasn’t quite enough for my dry skin without. The Aveeno moisturising lotion is nice, doesn’t smell of anything in particular, and does a good job of moisturising very dry skin.

The combination of the oil and moisturiser together seem to have done the trick. My skin has been so much better over the last few weeks, even though we’ve had the heating on and the usual triggers have been there. The Aveeno shower oil will certainly be my product of choice over the next few months.


This year, to mark National Eczema Week (17th – 25th September 2016) AVEENO® teamed up with Dr Rob Hicks to share some insight into how stress affects eczema prone skin and top tips in managing your stress and anxiety. You can find some of these tips here.




By Naomi

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