Instantly Ageless Review: A facelift in a bottle?

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I know I haven’t made a big thing about it, but I’m 35 in August. I’m quite good with my skincare routine normally, and I hope my regular use of sunscreen and moisturiser is paying off. (What’s that? I look 25? Why, thank you!) But sometimes, we all need a little bit more help. Enter Instantly Ageless.

Late night? Up with the kids at 5am? Not looking your best?

The idea of Instantly Ageless is that it’s an instant filler. Botox in a tube if you will. No needles, nothing scary. In fact, some cute little capsules in some lovely packaging. Each capsule contains 2-3 applications (depending on how big an area you’re using it on). Simple.

I’ve been trying Instantly Ageless for a few weeks. At first, I was a bit confused. Was it an anti-aging product? Was it supposed to freeze my face like that? Would it really get rid of those tiny lines that have appeared since having children?

Well, “Kind of,” is the answer to all three questions.

How do you use it?

I’ve found the best way to use the product is to apply it after cleansing and toning in the morning. It’s not a night time product – it’s designed to be worn under or over make-up. You pat it on to your targeted areas. For me, that’s the teeny tiny crows feet at the corners of my eyes and the lovely line across my forehead. Symptoms of raising my eyebrows too often I think!

Then, you let it dry. You can waft your face or even dry it with a hairdryer if you like.

As it dries (and you have to remain expressionless), a strange and slightly magical thing happens: that part of your face kind of ‘freezes.’ You can actually feel the product working. After two minutes, the appearance of those fine lines has definitely reduced. It’s incredible.

You can then apply your makeup over the top. This is a bit tricky, as you’re not supposed to apply oil-based makeup over the top – I presume it stops the magic working. Now, my skin is very dry, and I need lots of moisturisers and I generally wear moisturising foundation. If you’re applying the product on your eyes and then using powder based make-up, you’ll be fine.

I did also try applying the product over makeup, but I found the same problem – it made my makeup appear powdery, despite only applying a tiny amount.

I think the problem for me is that my skin is too dry for this to work well. The filler definitely reduced the appearance of those fine lines, but then applying makeup over the top made it seem very, very dry – uncomfortably so. So I’m going to carry on using this around my eyes, but not use it where I want to put foundation or liquid based makeup.

When I received the Instantly Ageless, I was also sent a tube of Luminesce Cellular Rejuvenation Serum. I am a huge fan of serums, and think they are generally products which suit my skin well. This was no exception.

The product itself is very liquid, almost gloopy. One pump goes a long way! But the moisturising effect is gorgeous, and it also has an instant smoothing effect. It’s part of a much wider range of products which look excellent. I’m going to be using this every day from now on.

Both products are available from Jeunesse, and you can also find an amazing video demonstrating the Instantly Ageless in real time. I was sent these products for the purpose of this review and all opinions are my own.



By Naomi


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    Wait ’til you get to 45 Naomi – the ageing is rather sudden and dramatic! I’ve seen such a difference in the last year or so (or perhaps my life has just become more stressful!). Either way, I could do with some of this magic formula to help me, that’s for sure!

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