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When I wrote my ’35 before I’m 35′ post, back in August, I said that I wanted to have a regular date night with Tim.

The thing is, before you have children, going out on date nights is easy. Then you have children. You’re tired. You have to get a babysitter. You can’t have a lie in the following morning. The date night becomes less and less of a priority, until you realise that you’ve barely spoken to your husband in months.

So you book a date night in. A night in (or out), where you just spend time with each other.


Date nights in are really lovely. And you don’t have to get a babysitter!

In an ideal world, we’d have a date night every week. A meal, a glass of wine, a film… But we’re busy, and so we try to have an evening like that every few weeks. A chance to reconnect, to laugh, to relax together. It’s so important for a marriage.

But, like most things, it can get a bit repetitive. Dinner, wine, film.

Anyway, you know how I love a good subscription box. So when we were offered a chance to try the Date Night subscription box, we were really pleased.

Date night subscription box review

I’ve got to say, I didn’t expect it to be nearly as sophisticated and, well, luxury, as it was. Our box was personalised, with a little note to Naomi and Tim, with instructions and suggestions, and it was all done beautifully stylishly.

We tried the ‘Wine and Wishes’ date night. Our box contained 5 different wines, complete with tasting tips, score cards, a little competition and a mystery prize. There was also a Grow Your Own wine kit and a couple of chocolates thrown in.

Date night subscription box review

The whole package was really thoughtfully put together, carefully packaged and designed. Everything you need is in the box, so there’s no hassle. Also, all the dates can be enjoyed in your own home – a complete bonus for parents!

Get Date Night is launching soon, and offer 50% off the first box. I think we will be subscribing!

Date night subscription box review

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