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Last weekend, Ben and I had a really special afternoon out. We were invited to watch a show by Circus Funtasia. This is an all-human, action packed show with a traditional circus feel.

I can’t remember the last time I went to a circus. I have a vague memory of going as a child, but I definitely haven’t been to one recently. So I have to admit to being a little bit apprehensive. What would the afternoon bring? 

From the moment we entered the circus tent, there was a real sense of anticipation. Children were having their faces painted in the middle of the circus ring, and we were escorted to our ring-side seats by an usher. There were popcorn, drinks and food for sale, as well as the flashing toys for children that are every four year old’s ultimate dream. I did buy Ben a flashing sword which I may yet come to regret, but it absolutely made his day. 

Once the lights dimmed, there was a suitably theatrical start, introducing the members of the troupe. 

Then, we were introduced to Anthony, a French clown, who performed a huge range of tricks throughout the show, in between the other acts. We really enjoyed his performance, especially his spinning plates. They say multi-tasking is a bit like spinning plates… At least he had the audience pointing out which ones needed spinning again!

The other acts included Duo Peris, whose roller-skating act was really impressive. If you can imagine a man spinning on roller skates on a round platform while lifting a lady who performs balances and tricks… well, you’re getting close! Later in the show, they also performed an arial rope trick which had me gasping a few times. 

Elodie was one of my favourite performers. Looking more than a little like a fifties pin-up girl, she performed a hula hooping act, and then later performed on a tightrope. Not only did she walk along the tightrope, she also juggled, spun hoops and even did the splits. Pretty impressive. 

Ben’s favourite act was Duo Stefaneli. This is because the man, Stefan, appeared to fly around the circus top, and also, their second act had swords. Yes, swords. There were really impressive acrobatic and arial dances. OK, they were one of my favourites too. 

I don’t want to give too much away, but Nia’s juggling act was really good fun, and she certainly knew how to entertain the children. 

The final act of the circus was the one where my heart was really beating fast: in a five-metre high metal sphere, several motorbikes drive round and round and round. Honestly, they must be centimetres apart at some points. All the acts were impressive, but I’d never seen anything like that before. 

We had an absolutely brilliant time at the circus. We even managed to pose in the Circus Funtasia’s Board. (Did you know that these things have no name in English? I wish they had a name.)

The circus is touring the UK at the moment, and you can find out more details on the Circus Funtasia Website.

Please excuse the slightly grainy quality of my photos in this post… It’s very hard to take photos in a dark tent, especially when the performers are moving so fast. 


By Naomi


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    Hi Naomi, we went to this in Oswestry, I was thrilled to see that you had reviewed it (on their ‘twitter’ account!) when I was looking up details about it! It was definitely the best circus I’ve seen! Kids were a little afraid of the noise of the bikes but apart from that very impressed by all the performers! Tim missed out on the action then? 😉 Hope you are all well anyway x

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      Thank you so much for your lovely comment. We were sitting really close to the exhaust fumes of the bikes too! But the whole event was brilliant. Tim was on toddler duty that day! Hope you guys are all well xx

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