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When you have a child, you wonder which parts of them will be like you. Which traits will they inherit? Will you see the good parts of your personality, or the bad? Will you recognise things in them that you don’t like in yourself? Or will you see qualities that you didn’t realise you had?

When I had Ben, I worried that he might inherit my allergies. With this in mind, I breastfed him exclusively to help protect him. Despite that, he was only about 6 weeks old when he started developing eczema.

We took the advice of the GP, and my own knowledge – I’ve suffered from eczema since I was tiny – and covered him in emollient creams, used non-bio laundry liquid and used hydrocortisone as directed.

He had it on his arms, his knees, his hands and his face. It was irritated by the heat, the wind and the cold. It got worse when he was teething, and he constantly had a sore patch on his chin which was aggravated by the dribbling.

Like many of these things, it got better as he got older. Now he’s four, he doesn’t get it nearly as much. He’s really only affected by it on his hands and the backs of his knees now.

But we still have to be really careful about what we use in the bath, and to make sure to keep his skin moisturised. It’s a shame, as he loves a bubble bath, but the bubbles irritate his skin too much.

Skinfix Allergy friendly skincare for kids review

So when Skinfix offered us a selection of their products for the children, we were more than happy to test them out.

I’m normally quite hesitant about testing out new products on the children in case their skin reacts. However, Skinfix products contain no steroids, fragrance, soy, parabens or phthalates. They are also free from tree nut and peanut ingredients, which is really important for us. 

The Appearance

One thing I really love about these products is the bright, funky packaging. It’s eye catching and fun, and both boys were keen on it. You don’t often get bright colours in sensitive skin formulations, so I was really pleased. The tubes themselves are sturdy which is great if they get dropped into the bathwater!

The Baby Hair and Body Wash

I love this product: it actually creates a proper bubble bath foam! Hooray! It’s really gentle, and both boys are happy to have their hair washed in it – which is great. The texture is quite thick, which I really like, and you don’t feel like you’re spending your money on water. It’s not particularly moisturising, but it definitely doesn’t strip your skin like some shower gels do.

The Baby Gentle Lotion

This is a really lovely product as a daily moisturiser. I’ve been using it on Ben, and it’s kept any dry patches at bay. I’ve also used it on myself (I may have got a little sunburnt at the beach the other day), and it has been really lovely. It’s really easily absorbed into the skin but keeps it moisturised all day.
Skinfix Allergy friendly skincare for kids review

The Baby Eczema Balm

Again, this is a really lovely product. I’ve mostly used it on myself as the boys’ eczema is mostly clear at the moment. It won’t get rid of the eczema itself, but it will really moisturise it. I think this will be an excellent product for the winter, especially as it’s a balm, so it’s a great moisturiser.

The Baby Nappy Balm

The texture of this is very similar to most nappy creams – somehow chalky – but it is definitely effective. Samuel gets terrible nappy rash when he’s teething, so I’ll definitely be keeping it handy.

All the Skinfix products are available at Boots.

Disclaimer: We received the products from Skinfix. All opinions are my own.

Skinfix Allergy friendly skincare for kids review

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