The joy of the quiet weekend


Quiet Weekend 2
“Is that it?” asked Tim a few weeks ago. “Is that the last of the busy weekends?”

I checked my diary. No plans for visitors, visiting, trips, commitments… our weekends in October were finally, blissfully free.

It was my own fault. Since before our holiday at the end of July, I had managed to book in visitors or visiting someone every single weekend. Don’t get me wrong: I love having visitors. I love visiting people. I particularly love it now we live in a bigger house and actually have a spare room, and enough space for everyone. I love catching up with my friends and having family over. I love it.

But, just occasionally, we all need our own space. We need a bit of family time with just our family. Especially in these last few weeks as a family of 3.

So the last few weekends, we’ve been able to really relax. We’ve each spent some 1 to 1 time with Ben, which has been lovely. Tim has taken him to Sealife in Blackpool, and walking up Pendle Hill. I’ve taken him to football lessons, to the garden centre and the park. We’ve done crafts and games. We’ve watched films all together, and have listened to the audiobook of Toy Story about 15,000 times. We’ve been to church and out for lunch. It’s been lovely.

Quiet Weekend 3

I suppose it’s only to be expected really. Ben and I both have our birthdays in the summer, so those weeks are busy. We love meeting up with our friends from Manchester and having them over to visit. Several of these friends wanted to come over before the baby is born – I hope they’ll come over when the baby is born too. I was working full time, and, although I made a conscious effort not to work at the weekends as I had a slightly reduced timetable, it did mean that food shopping/laundry/cleaning/gardening started to take over our weekends – or not get done.

But over the last few weeks, it has been so good to rest and relax at the weekends. We know there won’t be much relaxing once we become a family of 4, so it’s good to take advantage!

Quiet Weekend 1

By Naomi

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