Samuel at 6 months


On Tuesday, Samuel had his 6 month birthday.

For some reason, 6 months feels significant. 6 months of keeping this tiny person alive. 6 months of watching him discover the world. 6 months of breastfeeding. 6 months of falling in love all over again.

Every month, around the 10th, I try to take some photos of him with a toy – a lion that his Auntie Suzie knitted for him. Tim did this with Ben, faithfully sitting him up in the chair in the nursery, propped up with a couple of toys. Those photos are some of my favourites, and we have the whole sequence of the year. Maybe I’ll share them on the blog (if Tim gives me permission).

So we’re trying to do the same with Samuel. I’m making more of an effort, as I’m much more confident with the big camera.

He’s generally a fairly contented baby, and eats and sleeps fairly predictably (or is that just that I know what I’m doing now?). I started weaning him a couple of weeks ago, introducing fruit and vegetables, but, to be honest, he’s not that interested yet. I’ll start gradually introducing some finger foods now, and he might be a bit more keen.

One of the biggest joys with Samuel is seeing how much he and Ben love each other. I really hadn’t anticipated this. I thought we’d have jealousy from Ben and demanding screams from Samuel. Instead, they are mostly enchanted with each other. Samuel really misses Ben when he’s at preschool, and Ben is always so happy to play with Samuel, to find new toys for him, to dance and jump around in front of him and to make him laugh.

I’ll be honest, in that his night times aren’t great. Yes, he goes down to sleep very happily between 6.30pm and 7pm. He’s an easy baby to get to sleep… but he doesn’t stay asleep! He’s been waking every 2-3 hours – although last night we had a 5 hour stretch and a 4 hour stretch, so hopefully he’s learning to go longer without waking. I always feed him back to sleep, and he’ll happily stay in his cot now until around 6am.

I’ve said it before, but I’m really trying to enjoy Samuel’s babyhood. The mantra that The days are long but the years are shortย is so true. There are tricky times, of course, but there are so so many joyful, gorgeous times, and I know I’m incredibly blessed to have two such lovely boys. Watching Samuel learn each new skill is incredibly precious, and I’m trying to savour each moment.

So without further ado, or schmaltz from me, here are Samuel’s monthly photos, from 1-6 months old.

Samuel 1 Month


Samuel - 3 months

Samuel - 4 months

Samuel - 5 months

Samuel - 6 months


By Naomi


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    Oh now he is absolutely adorable! My little one is 5 months now so they’re quite close in age.

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    Gorgeous! My little Owen is a year old next month – it seems like just 5 minutes ago he was only 6 months old. It goes by far too quickly ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Reply

      I know! It’s flying by, he’ll be 1 before I know it… Sob!

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    Where on earth have those 6 months gone? He is absolutely adorable and I am so glad he delights his big brother. How lovely #MaternityMondays

    1. Reply

      Oh, thanks Emma! I know, it has absolutely gone too fast! i just want to stop time sometimes xx

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    Happy 6 months Samuel ๐Ÿ™‚ With my partners nephews the sibling jealousy has only just kicked in as the littlest has turned 1 and is pottering around. I guess it’s because he’s much more likely to find and play with his older brother’s toys now. Hopefully you’ll be able to skip any of that though with the way they’re both interacting ๐Ÿ™‚

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      Ooh, interesting! I might have to prepare myself for that! Thanks for stopping by x

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    Gorgeous photos. Gorgeous baby. I love to see the progression.

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      Me too – I think you really see his personality developing!

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    Well done on making a start documenting your photos a month. May you continue to enjoy doing so and have loads of lovely memories to look back over.#MaternityMondays

    1. Reply

      Thank you! It’s lovely looking over Ben’s monthly photos so I hope I can do the same for Samuel.

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