Preschooler Summer Bucket List

I love a good list. I’m also terrified of weeks of summer holidays stretching out in front of me with no plan. As Ben finishes preschool next week, I’ve come up with our Preschooler Summer Bucket List!
That said, I haven’t written this list alone. Ben and I sat down the other day and put it together. Ben firstly wanted to have play dates with about 10 different friends from preschool. He then got into the swing of things, and at least half of these ideas are his.
I’m very aware that this is Ben’s last summer before he enters full time education. He’s still so young – he’ll turn 4 in August – and I’m aware that this brings challenges. The phrase ‘summer-born boys’ does bring with it a whole host of expectations.
So some of the items are on the list as a way of preparing him for school. However, most of them are about having fun, and experiencing lots of things that he has done before, but appreciating them differently.
There are also a few things on the list because I want to take advantage of the cheaper prices before he turns 4!
Here’s our Summer Preschooler Bucket List.
Preschooler Summer Bucket List - 25 things your preschooler should get to do before starting school!
What would be on your list?
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By Naomi


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    Sounds like you’re going to have a busy Summer ahead! It is a cracking idea though to plan things to do – would be a waste to get to September and not made the most of the 2 days of sunshine we might have had by then ?? #BloggerClubUK

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      Yes, some of these are weather-dependent! Let’s hope we get a bit of sunshine at least.

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    Thats a very good list. very achievable. Definately go camping, that will be so much fun! on #BloggerClubUK

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      We have a glamping trip planned, so we should get that ticked off!

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