The Ordinary Moments: A Picnic in the Park

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The week we moved here, 20 months ago, we popped over to Ribchester park one afternoon. It was the end of the Summer holidays, and a fairly warm, sunny day. The wasps were out in force.

We went to Ribchester because it had a brilliant play area in the park there. There’s a wooden fort, a huge slide, a sand pit, a football pitch, little play houses, a giant see-saw… You get the idea. For small children, it’s heaven.

On the day we went, I must have been feeling a bit anxious about the move. I didn’t really know anyone up here, and I was going back to work full time. We hadn’t joined a church, and had barely met our neighbours or anyone else. I remember looking at all these groups of mums, relaxing on picnic blankets while the children ran around. I wondered if that would ever be me, and prayed that I would make some friends.

Fast-forward 1 year and 8 months, a second baby, and maternity leave, and that’s where I was on Friday morning. Back at the park. But this time, we were meeting friends. Mums who have children the same ages as Ben and Samuel. With a sun-shade tent, picnic food and more toys than your average playgroup, we had a great time.

I met these friends at a baby group in the village. I couldn’t quite believe it when we all had babies born within 3 months of each other, and all had 3 year olds (also born within 3 months of each other). Serendipity, I think they call it. Personally, I’d say God answered my prayers for friends!

This is the only half-way decent photo I took on the day - in all the others, someone has their eyes closed or mouth full of food. Nice.
This is the only half-way decent photo I took on the day – in all the others, someone has their eyes closed or mouth full of food. Nice.

It was one of those moments when I realised quite how far we’ve come in the last 20 months. Our house feels like home in a way that nowhere has since I left my parents’ home. Our children, as we had hoped, are thriving here. We’re part of a church family which we love. We’re really becoming part of the community, despite being relative newcomers.

Of course, it’s not been easy. We’ve made a huge effort over the last year and a half. We’ve invited people over to dinner and for games nights. I’ve been on mum-dates and play-dates. I’ve started chatting to random mums in the nursery car park. I’ve joined Facebook groups and posted messages asking if other mums would like to meet… And, of course, I’ve turned up. I’ve asked for phone numbers. I’ve texted those numbers. At times, I was worried about looking desperate, about looking too needy. But you know what I discovered? Most of those mums were also a bit lonely, a bit bored. They were only too happy to come over for their children to play, or to meet up at a play centre.

Yes, it takes time and it takes effort. But as I sat on our picnic blanket, watching Ben run around with his friends, while Samuel stared at his friends, while I chatted to my friends, I was so glad that I made the effort.

By Naomi


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    It sounds like a lovely picnic in the park. And I am so glad that you are feeling settled. Sometimes it really does pay to make a big effort, I want to meet some friends with babies LB’s age so this has reminded me to get out more to groups with him. x

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      I think you stopped by twice! Thanks though šŸ™‚

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    It looks like a lovely picnic in the park. We have had some such lovely weather recently haven’t we? I am glad you area feeling settled, it definitely pays to get out there and make an effort. I want to meet some new friends to hang out with that are LB’s age as a lot of my friends I made through Mads and LL have gone back to work- this has reminded me I need to get out there more! xx

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