Me and Mine – October 2015


October has been a gorgeous month here in Lancashire – blue skies, leaves of every shade from palest yellow to deepest red, and glorious warmth. Although I invested in a cape (very handy for fitting over the huge baby bump) for the last few months of this pregnancy, there have been several days when I have been able to go out without a coat. In October! I know, it’s shocking.

Life has also taken a decidedly slower turn for us after the madness of August and September, where it felt like we were just trying to cram so much in to our weekends. I stopped work in the middle of the month, and have spent many happy hours getting ready for the arrival of the baby. The hospital bags are packed, the freezer is full, and the nursery is ready. At 39 weeks, I am more than ready for this baby to arrive too.

This month, Ben has really enjoyed some trips out with Daddy, including walking along the top of Pendle Hill. He is completely obsessed with the TV programme Octonauts, so they also went to the Sea Life Centre in Blackpool, wher Ben was a bit star-struck at meeting his hero, Kwazii. Thank goodness for the local library, where we’ve been able to order in copies of the Octonauts books. He has also discovered the Toy Story films this month. We’ve been familiar with the characters for a while, and he had a Buzz Lightyear for his second birthday, but he has really got into it recently. His grandparents sent him all three DVDs as a gift, which has kept him very happy on those afternoons when I haven’t quite had enough energy to run around pretending to be Woody or Emperor Zurg. As life echoes art, Buzz Lightyear had a collision with the floor which resulted in the loss of one arm, but Tim has – thankfully – been able to fix it.


Tim is really getting settled into his new job and is loving being back in a city, at least from 9-5. He has really thrown himself into work, knowing that he’ll need to take some time off when the baby arrives, but that’s fine. He has been so supportive of me over the past 14 months when I’ve been working full time, so when he’s brought work home, or had to work late, I’ve tried to be patient!

I’ve wondered so many times if this photo will be the first of us as a family of 4. The baby isn’t due until 5th November, but Ben was a few days early, and so I’ve been obsessing over every ache and twinge, but it looks like this will be a firework baby rather than a Hallowe’en baby. I have to say (despite my worries about the baby’s size) that I’m pleased. I’d rather organise Fireworks-themed birthday parties for the next few years rather than Hallowe’en-themed ones.

It has been a bit of an effort to  get this photo to be honest. Somehow, although we’ve had fairly quiet weekends, we haven’t done a huge amount together. So here is our October 2015 photo, taken today. We had literally 2 minutes to get the shot, in between Ben’s first cinema trip (mostly successful, although he did get quite scared by Inside Out’s frightening moments) and Tim watching the Rugby World Cup final. I’m a bit self-conscious about my size at the moment, although I’m not nearly as swollen as I was with Ben, and Ben himself isn’t too happy about being dragged away from the Octonauts (which you can see him clutching on to).

Next month, I’m not waiting until the end of the month to take a photo of us all! And – all being well – we’ll be a family of four!
Me and Mine Oct 15

By Naomi


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    Eeek, how exciting that there will be four of you in the photo next month! 🙂

    Very best of luck and I look forward to seeing your new arrival next time.


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