Me and Mine November 2016

Me and Mine

Incredibly, and I think for only the second time this year, I’ve actually got organised enough to post my Me and Mine on time. Now, I just need to remember to link up, and I’ll be winning.

November has been a bit of a mixed month, to be honest.

We started off with half term, which was brilliant. We were really busy, and had lots of trips. It was lovely to be able to catch up with Ben’s friends from nursery (and their parents), and, quite honestly, just to hang out with Ben. Now he’s at school, I sometimes feel that school gets the best of him, and we get the tired, grumpy version! That said, he is really enjoying school, so I can’t complain too much.

We celebrated Samuel’s 1st birthday on the 10th, and then had a celebration for him on the following Sunday. We combined his birthday celebrations with his dedication at church and then invited lots of friends and family for a simple lunch and cake after the service.

A dedication is similar to a Christening in a way: we brought him before the church, and made solemn promises to bring him up as best we could, teaching him about God and Jesus. Then members of the church and Samuel’s godparents and some family members prayed for us and for him.

I love being part of our church family, and it was brilliant to have lots of our close family and friends there with us. Of course,  it was a completely manic day, and I barely spoke more than 5 words to any one person, but it was really special all the same. Our family photo is from that day.

Me and Mine November 2016

Since then, it feels a bit like our lives have been dominated by illness. Both children have been ill and have had to have time off school and nursery. We’ve had several trips to the doctors, and it feels like the bugs and viruses around this year are particularly nasty.

Just last week, I tweeted,

Well, Kate from The Less-Refined Mind tweeted me that evening to see what had gone wrong. As she suspected, I’d had to rush out to collect Ben from school as he’d become ill again.

So we’re ending November surrounded by vitamins, probiotics and antibacterial handwash.

One thing I have done well at this month is to get organised for Christmas. When you decide to write a series of blog posts about Christmas organisation, it means you have to be motivated to do it yourself! So my Christmas shopping is pretty much finished, most of the presents are wrapped and the cards are written and ready to be posted. I’m hoping it’ll lead to a more relaxed and peaceful December.

Throughout December, I’ll be joining in with Mummy from the Heart‘s #1goodthing hashtag on Instagram, sharing something that I am grateful for each day. I’m also going to looking at Joy in our Mummy Meditations with Rachel from Rachel Ridler: Mum on a Mission. Somewhere in there, I’ll be posting some Christmassy meal plans, and the last few things for our Christmas Countdown. Hope you can join me in some, or all, of that!

By Naomi


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    You all look lovely and well done on getting your Me and Mine up on time! I am usually doing mine right at the last minute! How can I end up rushing it…..I know it’s coming every month!

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      I know, it usually surprises me too! We have far too many photos which are a last minute – quick, in the garden – job! xx

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    I see what you mean about an up and down month! I always found that illnesses went in batches as well and this time of year is often the worst as kid’s immune systems are met with a whole new set of germs. I really hope it all settles down for you soon. Samuel’s dedication sounds like a very special (if busy) day. Have a lovely December xx ps thanks for the tip about the hashtag – I’ll be joining in!

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      I really hope it all settles down too! I’ll be looking out for you with the hashtag xx

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    It’s been the month for children being ill & not just in your house 🙂 But a lovely round up even if it was a month of highs & lows!

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    Gorgeous picture of your family and how fab to have had Samuel’s dedication and birthday celebration together. Amazing, where that year has gone. Well done you on being so organised for Christmas and I pray you are all well for all December. Mich x

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