Me and Mine: August 2016

Me and Mine

August has been an absolute whirlwind of a month.

Ben started his summer holidays from preschool in the middle of July. Having both children at home all day meant lots of juggling and lots of fun, but it also meant August was a bit non-stop.

We wrote our Preschooler Bucket List which was absolutely brilliant. There were one or two occasions when I regretted it (all I’ll say is, babies and the beach don’t mix well), but on the whole, it has given us a real focus and made us get out and about.

We have had loads of playdates, and it has been brilliant to get to know some local mums a bit better. I’ve also found a lovely local music class, and I’ll be taking Samuel as it fits in with my days off. Very few of Ben’s preschool friends are going to the same school as him, so I really hope we can keep in touch with his older friends.

Our Me and Mine photo is taken from our trip on the East Lancs Railway for Ben’s 4th Birthday. It was a really wet and miserable day, and despite the lovely weather we’ve had over the summer, was the only photo we took of all four of us this month.

me and mine August 2106

It has been a gorgeous month, hasn’t it? I think Ben’s birthday was probably the only really wet day we had – and that’s saying something for the Ribble Valley! But we had a beautiful day for his Avengers Party, and we’ve had some lovely days out at Brockholes Nature Reserve, Lytham St Annes, and the Lancashire Show.

It was also my birthday in August, and I shared my 35 things to do before I’m 35. This was easily my most popular post this month, and thank you for all your lovely comments. I hope it has inspired some of you to make a list too!

We loved watching the Olympics, and it gave me a bit of a boost on my journey to fitness. I’m still really enjoying going to the gym, although it’s getting trickier to fit it all in.

We finished the month with a brilliant trip to Shropshire, where we stayed at The Little Yurt Meadow. I’ll put a proper review up in the weeks ahead, but the location and the accommodation were absolutely excellent – if you’re looking for a luxury glamping experience, I highly recommend The Little Yurt Meadow.

Looking ahead, September marks a huge change for us. I finish my maternity leave (actually have finished at the time of writing) on 31st August and return to work on the 2nd. Ben starts school on the 1st, and Samuel starts nursery on the 2nd. Once again, I am incredibly grateful that I’m returning to work part time, but I have loved my maternity leave so much. It has gone by so unbelievably fast, and I haven’t done half the things that I had planned, but that’s the way it goes!

In many ways, I’m looking forward to finding our routine and settling into the pattern of school. It will be quite different even to last year, as Ben and Samuel will be in different locations. I’m also really looking forward to my classes as I know I’ve got some absolutely brilliant kids on my timetable.

I’m anticipating the need to withdraw a bit from the blog in September. I’ve got a few things to blog about that I have committed to, but I’ve also got quite a bit of behind-the-scenes work to do. With Ben starting school, I want to shift the focus of the blog to less about the children and more about where we live and, frankly, about me. I’ve got a bit of thinking and exploring to do before I really settle on that, and we’ll see how it works – I find the children an easy topic to write about! Anyway, I’ll be around on social media – on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Finally, I’m sorry this is so late. It’s 10 days late, to be honest. Well. Life is busy! I guess better late than never, although I better get my skates on for September’s photo already!

Me and Mine August 2016



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