Me and Mine: November 2015

Me and Mine

This month’s Me and Mine is a very special one: November has seen us go from being a family of 3 to a family of 4. In case you missed our announcement, Samuel Walter was born on 10th November. In spite of all my fears, or perhaps because of the birth preparation I did, his birth was a beautifully calm water birth with no pain relief. It was, completely honestly, an amazing experience.

Our lovely friend Carina, from Photography by Carina, who is also Ben’s godmother, came over last  week to take some newborn photos, and to take a few photos of us as a family. This is the third time Carina has done a photoshoot for us (her first baby photoshoot was Ben when he was about 3 weeks old), and she is absolutely brilliant. She’s incredibly patient, doesn’t fuss when the three year old insists on having Buzz Lightyear in the photos, and helps you out when your baby vomits all over everything.

In so many ways, it has been a really special month, particularly as Tim has had two weeks off work. He had to use holiday for this, so we tried to make it as special a time as possible, limiting friends and family visits to the weekends so we could have lots of time just as a 4. Of course, there are so many days when you have to stay in for the health visitor and the midwives, but we did manage to go out for some special lunches. Our visits from family and friends were really special too, and it was lovely for Ben to have so much attention as well.

Now we’re trying to find our new normal before Christmas. We’ve still got our New Baby cards up, and I’m reluctant to put up our Christmas decorations too soon, although my Facebook timeline has suddenly become full of Christmas trees. I’ve taken the boys to paint baubles for the tree, and we’re going to meet Father Christmas next weekend. Thanks to the Internet, I’ve managed to do most of our Christmas shopping while trapped under a sleeping newborn, which is definitely a good way to do it. Life does slow down when there’s a baby in the house, and that’s definitely a good thing at this time of year.

So here’s our family of 4… without Buzz Lightyear in this photo!



By Naomi


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    Huge congratulations to you. What a gorgeous photo of the 4 of you. xx

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      Thank you so much!

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