Me and Mine: January 2016

Me and Mine

January 2016 M&M

January has been a brilliant month in many ways. I know it’s supposed to be all about diets and piling up the bills, but for me, it’s been about really getting used to our life as a family of four. It’s also been about making the most of maternity leave. We’ve done some things all together that have been really lovely. And, of course, we had snow!

This month, Ben has been loving…

  • Starting swimming lessons – he goes in to the pool with about 6 other preschoolers and their teacher, and Samuel and I watch from the balcony. He absolutely loves it!
  • Playing in the snow, especially throwing snowballs.
  • Special days out to the Legoland Discover Centre, SeaLife and the Bowland Wild Boar Park.

Samuel has been loving…

  • Going to baby yoga and staring at other babies.
  • Waking mummy up every two hours throughout the night (Mummy is not loving this so much).
  • Snuggling.

Tim has been loving…

  • Playing in the snow, especially sledging.
  • Planning our garden and the outdoor eating area.
  • Getting creative with the children’s work at church.

I have been loving…

  • Playing around with my blog design – it’s not quite there yet, but I’m working on it.
  • Making new friends – especially friends who have children the same ages as Ben and Samuel.
  • Feeling like I’m making up for lost time after working full time last academic year.

Our Me and Mine photo for this month was taken in the snow a couple of weeks ago. I’ve got Samuel in the sling, and my scarf is half undone. Ben would rather be making snow angels, and has plastered his ‘Wallace and Gromit’ smile on, and we’re probably all getting a bit cold by this stage, but this was a really special morning for us. You can read all about it here.

January 2016

So January hasn’t been all doom and gloom, by a long way! February should be quite exciting too, with a trip to Somerset planned, a baby shower and Tim’s birthday at the end of the month as well.

I’m really hoping I can join in with all the Me and Mine photos for this year. At least I’ve got the first one in the bag!

The Me and Mine Project

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