Me and Mine: February 2016

Me and Mine

Wow, I know February is a couple of days shorter than most months, but this month has just flown by!

We’ve been fairly busy, as usual, although both children have been under the weather with various coughs and colds, so it’s felt like a hard month at times.

We started off with a visit down to Taunton to stay with my parents, and so that my sister, brother in law and nephew could finally meet Samuel. Here’s a very proud grandad with his three grandsons.

Grandad and three grandsons

As you can see, my nephew Sebastian is the only child who would happily co-operate with having his photo taken!

We had a quiet Valentine’s Day, and a very busy half term. I find it easier to be out of the house at the moment with both boys, as Samuel will often sleep, and I can give Ben more attention. If we’re in, Samuel can be very unsettled, and Ben gets fed up with me having to stop games or stories to see to Samuel. So we visited Martin Mere Wetland Centre with my parents in law, we went over to Manchester to visit friends, and we went to the cinema and swimming. As a teacher, I often resent it when parents are relieved that the holidays are over, but this year, I found myself looking forward to Ben going back to preschool for a few hours a week.

The 22nd of February was Tim’s birthday. As it was a Monday, he designated the previous weekend to be his birthday weekend. We went over to Liverpool and met up with his sister Suzie and her family. It was her husband Matt’s birthday weekend too, so we went out to Sapporo Teppenyaki for a meal. This is the kind of restaurant where you sit around the hot plate while your food is cooked in front of you. Of course, this comes with a bit of theatre. This was really good fun, especially for the children, who watched the chef juggling the food, and who gasped when he lit up the flames on the grill.


This is the only photograph we have of us from this month where we’re all together, and even then, you can see that Samuel is asleep in his pram in the background! I had intended to set up the tripod and camera so we could take some photos yesterday, but Samuel has now come down with a nasty cold, and frankly, family photos were the last thing we wanted to be doing.

So February was a bit of a mixed month, to be honest. There have been some lovely bits, but also bits where it feels that life has been really hard work. I’ve not blogged quite as much as I’d have liked to, but thank you so much to those of you who keep coming back and reading about our lives. I know you’ve asked for more home organisation posts, so I’m working on those. I’m also really working on my Instagram at the moment, so it would be great if you could follow me there – I’m life_by_naomi –

March is looking like it will be an exciting month, particularly because we’re off on holiday in a few weeks time. It’ll be the first time we’ve gone away as a family of four, and also, the first week’s holiday we’ll have had without grandparents for three years! Then I’ve got loads of plans for Easter crafts and baking, so it should be a wonderful month!

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