Me and Mine: April 2016

Me and Mine

Some months, I’m really good at Me and Mine. Something will be happening, and I’ll think, “Ooh, this will make a really good Me and Mine photo.” If I’m really organised, I’ll actually get someone else to take it.

This month, it has not been like that.

The end of April finds us all a little under the weather, suffering from colds and viruses and far too little sleep, thanks to a certain baby. The irony is that he is sound asleep as I type!

But generally, April has been a lovely month. It’s been a month of family, with my sister giving birth to baby Rachel, and Tim’s sister and her clan visiting the UK. Our nieces, Nellie and Beth, had a joint 6th birthday party which was Cinderella themed, and my boys dressed as Prince Charming (Ben) and a pumpkin (Samuel). Stupidly, I didn’t really take any photos, but I can assure you that it will not be the last of the pumpkin hat, which was possibly the cutest thing ever.

Last weekend, I took the boys down to Somerset for a long weekend so I could have newborn snuggles with baby Rachel and see our nephew Sebastian. We had a great time, and both boys were brilliantly well behaved and coped well with the 5 hour car journey each way. It was lovely to see my parents, and I love that Ben is now familiar with how things are at their home, and the little traditions they are creating for their grandchildren. Ben and Sebastian had a (very delayed) Easter Egg hunt in the garden on Sunday afternoon, so it feels like Easter was extended.

We’ve had several days out, and have made the most of the fleetingly sunny weather in the middle of the month. It’s been a month bookended by hailstorms and snow showers, so I’m really hoping for some warmer weather in May. The patio is almost finished, so hopefully we’ll be able to get out for some meals.

We also found out about Ben’s primary school place. We’re really pleased with where we’ve been allocated, and it really feels like everything has come together for us. We took a big leap of faith in moving here, to a part of the country where we didn’t really know anyone, or have any community, and it feels like things are working out. It’s really starting to feel like home.

May will be the last of the really carefree months, as I will be doing exam marking in June, which takes up a lot of time, and then I’ll be thinking about my return to work. It’s a really chaotic time in education at the moment, and I can’t say I’m really looking forward to it. So hopefully we’ll have some blissful times before then. While this maternity leave is flying by, I’m also so incredibly grateful that I’ll get the summer at home with my boys, and then will be working part time after that.

On the blog, April has been a great month. I’ve been collaborating with Wayfair, the interiors brand, and I’ll have a playroom reveal post up this week. I’ve also had one of my recipes published in the Up to our necks charity cookbook, raising funds for those affected by the Cumbrian flooding. I really enjoy my little corner of the Internet, and it’s really enjoyable getting it the way I want it.

Our family photo was taken very last minute – in fact, this afternoon. That said, I’m really pleased by it. The boys seem to have both thrown their arms out, and, miraculously, everyone is looking at the camera! Hopefully, next month’s will be taken on a really warm, sunny day when we’re all a bit less sleep-deprived.

Me and Mine April 2016

By Naomi


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    That is a great family photo, I take so few of the five of us and I must change that. All the best wit your return to work when it comes. Mich x

    1. Reply

      Thanks Michelle! Even Tim really likes this one – and he grumbles the most when it’s time for Me and Mine! xx

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