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Something I’ve wanted to do for ages is to share some of the lovely blogs I follow. I read lots of blogs and really, really enjoy it. I probably read more blogs than books at the moment, and certainly more than magazines – and I used to be a complete magazine addict!

So I’m starting up a series of regular posts of blogs I’m loving. I’m hoping to round up some other things I’m loving, a bit like the ‘Things I’m Loving Lately’ that I did last year. I just think there are some brilliant bloggers out there whose writing and images you’d enjoy. I’m also linking up with a new linky at The Less Refined Mind – pop over for lots of blogging recommendations.

July Life Loves - Parenting Blogs - 5 parenting blogs I'm absolutely loving at the moment

So, these are my current favourite parenting blog posts. Activities, days out, or just general ramblings on parenthood.

Encouraging Language by Cuddle Fairy
Becky at Cuddle Fairy has loads of Positive Parenting posts. I think encouraging language is really important, and I think it’s something that could become really neglected with our focus on skills and screens, so I love this post. There’s always something new going on over at Becky’s blog, so take a look.

Montessori style activities to use at home by Adventures with J
I know very little about Montessori, but I have friends who are really keen on it. I love the look of these activities and know that Ben will enjoy them too.

Simple Summer List by One Messy Mama
This post inspired my own Preschooler Summer Bucket List – it’s a really simple idea, and with enough structure and flexibility as well. One Messy Mama’s blog is brilliant, and I’m really enjoying reading through her older posts.

Parenting with Grace by Mummy from the Heart
Michelle at Mummy from the Heart is honestly one of the kindest, most generous bloggers I’ve ever come across. She write honestly and openly about being a Christian mum, and the challenges and blessings that brings. This post is a prime example, but I could spend hours wandering around her site.
I also really love Know Your Worth Bloggers…Pfft – I know this isn’t a post that’s relevant to everyone, but it was such a refreshing, honest read, and completely timely when all the messages I was coming across were for much more established, experienced bloggers, or those who blog full time.

Letter of the Week Crafts by B-Inspired Mama
his is a brilliant resource, and one I will definitely be using! Ben is fairly secure on numbers, and knows letter sounds, but he needs to be a bit more secure on his letters. We’re going to be working on them over the summer before he starts school, and I’m going to be using as many of these ideas as I can.

I think one of the best things about parenting blogs is that you can read about others’ experiences and suddenly you realise that you’re not alone. Others are going through the same experiences. Even better, others have been through the same experiences and can share their wisdom! Being a parent can be a lonely experience, and you’re constantly second-guessing yourself. I think reading (and then writing) a parenting blog makes me have more confidence in the decisions I make.

Not only that, but posts like these give me lots of ideas for parenting and teaching. I love trawling blogs and Pinterest for different ideas, and I do actually carry a fair few of them out! Some of our best memories have been inspired by things that I’ve seen on blogs.

I would love to know if you have any parenting blogs you love. You might also like to follow my Family Life Pinterest Boards if you liked these posts.


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