Innovation in Parenting: 5 great toys for toddlers


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If I’m honest, I find the toddler phase really tricky. They have the concentration span of a gnat but the determination of a wolf stalking it’s prey. Their co-ordination isn’t amazing, and yet they can wrestle away during the messiest nappy change.

Moreover, entertaining toddlers isn’t easy. They eat play-doh and sand, throw anything remotely heavy and mostly want whatever anyone else is playing with (particularly an older brother’s toy in this house).

So I’m always looking out for the newest innovation in toddler toys. While part of me is drawn to wooden, traditional toys, I know the ones my kids actually seem to enjoy more are bright, noisy and flashy. So finding toys which we will all enjoy is tricky, especially as I don’t want to have our playroom so full of toys that there is no room to play.

Innovation in Toddler Toys

These are some toys that I think really show innovation, allow for creativity and are simple enough that toddlers can concentrate on them for around 5 minutes at least.

Goki Wooden Stacking Tower

Samuel has mastered the ‘stacking rings on the pole’ toy we have, but can’t manage puzzles yet. This tower gives a great challenge and is really visually appealing to me too. Available from Amazon.

Innovation in toddler toys

Melissa and Doug Reusable Stickers

These are absolutely genius, and probably my go-to birthday present for toddlers. All toddlers love stickers, but sticker books can get expensive and inevitably you’ll find stickers adorning your floors or cupboard doors. These are plastic and resuable. There’s also a huge number of stickers per sheet, so if a few do end up going astray (or getting chewed in our case), it doesn’t matter. We’ve had loads of fun recently sticking them to the patio doors. Available from Amazon.

Innovation in toddler toys

Magformers My First Set

I love the look of these, and I really love the reviews. These are for children aged 18 months and up because they don’t contain any small pieces and yet I can see Ben really enjoying playing with these as well. The building pieces contain magnets and are simple to fit together, and this teaching children innovation and creativity – a great combination. Buy from Amazon.

Innovation in toddler toys

Early Learning Centre Star Links

We haven’t got on very well yet with Duplo (although Samuel will fight to get Ben’s Lego), but when we saw these at Playgroup a few weeks ago, he wouldn’t let them go! At the moment, he needs help to fit them together but he’ll be able to do it himself soon enough. Available from Amazon.

Melissa and Doug Magnetic Wooden Fishing Game

We had the car version of this, and it was an absolute favourite with Ben from around 18 months. The car one was probably more challenging, as the cars all looked a bit similar. I can’t find our car one any more, so I am going to order this fish one for Samuel. The magnets really work well and it’s fun to fish the pieces out – even if you need a grown-up to put them back in for you. Available from Amazon.





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    I love your description of a toddler – so very accurate! A great array of toys here to suit so many different situations.

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