Imagination Matters: Witches and Wizards


I love taking part in Mama vs Teacher’s Imagination Matters linky. This is partly because I totally understand what she’s trying to do, exploring the tension between being a full-time teacher and a mother to a small child. It’s also because I really enjoy the challenges she sets – it gives me another way to be creative, and to explore this with Ben. But mostly I really enjoy taking part because Ben enjoys it. He gets my full, undivided attention, we often create something fun, and it’s different to what we normally do. He often asks to repeat activities – the fireman game being a favourite – and they clearly stick in his memory.


But this week? This has been an effort. This is partly because I’m 39 weeks pregnant. It’s also because I’ve been off work, so I’ve spent more quality time in general with Ben. It’s also because the theme  of witches and wizards is linked with Halloween, which we don’t really celebrate. But when Ben and I collected some of the amazing coloured leaves on our walk home from pre-school yesterday, an idea began to take shape.

It’s really simple, and we did quite a lot of playing with the leaves beforehand: lining them up in size and colour order. I had daydreams of making some kind of leaf garland, but to be honest, I didn’t even look them up on Pinterest.


We did get out the glue and paints though, and after Ben insisted that the feather he picked up yesterday was a witches broomstick, I was happy to go along. The witch, dressed in red leaves, is riding on her broomstick. Her ‘cat’ appears to be floating alongside her.


Ben then did some spooky-style paining with random shapes, which we will probably add googly eyes to, to create monsters.


We’ll probably carve a pumpkin tomorrow, but that’s all. He’s too little to understand about trick or treating, and it’s not something I am particularly keen to encourage. One aspect of seeing the Halloween decorations all around though is that he seems to be much happier about spiders!

By Naomi


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    I love love LOVE his creativity! It’s really amazing! We don’t really ‘do’ Halloween either but Sprog has been pretty obsessed with pumpkins this year! I’m so glad that #imaginationmatters helps you to think of things to do and I’m so excited about this new baby arriving!

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