Imagination Matters: Flower Suncatcher


Flower Suncatcher - Life by NaomiThis weekend, Ben and I had a go at a craft that I’ve had my eye on for a while. I chose it to go with Mama vs Teacher‘s theme of ‘In the Garden’ for her Imagination Matters linky.

The craft itself is really simple, but really effective. It also has several short stages, so in between the stages you can go off and do other things, if your concentration span isn’t up to much – or your toddler’s isn’t either. So in between the different steps, we chased bugs, played football, pretended to fly a rocket to the moon (Ben) and weeded a bit of the garden (me).


  • A4 Card (or the outside of a paper plate if you have one)
  • Pens or colours
  • Sticky backed plastic
  • Flowers, petals, leaves
  • Hole punch
  • Cotton or ribbon


  1. Draw two circles on your card, one inside the other, to make a frame. I drew around a plate and a bowl.
  2. Let your toddler decorate the frame.Suncatcher - Life by Naomi
  3. Collect your leaves and petals. Small ones work best. Inspect for bugs.Suncatcher - Life by NaomiSuncatcher - Life by Naomi
  4. Lay a sheet of sticky backed plastic underneath your frame, sticky side up. Arrange the leaves and flowers in some kind of pattern. I found it useful to stick some of the plastic back on itself and to the table to keep it stable.
  5. Lay another sheet of sticky backed plastic over the top. Start singing the Blue Peter theme tune.Suncatcher - Life by Naomi
  6. Cut around the edges to remove the sticky backed plastic.Suncatcher - Life by Naomi
  7. Punch a hole at the top of the frame and thread some cotton or ribbon through it. Hang it up against a window. Then despair because it’s really hard to take a photo of it.Suncatcher - Life by Naomi

I loved doing this craft. Tim couldn’t actually believe I had done it with Ben and suggested that it was a nursery craft! I have to confess, I might have been a little controlling over how to arrange some of the leaves… It’s a mother’s prerogative!


By Naomi

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