Imagination Matters: At Sea


One of the things I miss most about working full time is the chance to play with Ben outside. So often, our weekends are so busy, rushing here, there and everywhere, or the weather isn’t very good. So last weekend it was lovely to have a couple of hours in the garden with him.

At sea - Life by Naomi

I was actually really lucky last weekend – while Tim took Ben to visit his Grandparents in North Wales, I went to a Spa with my lovely friends from Manchester. It had been ages since we’d all met up together, and while two ladies could make it, we had an amazing day at The Woodland Spa in Burnley. This was followed by a Chinese takeaway back at our house, and then a long, luxurious… sleep.

Tim and Ben didn’t come home until mid-afternoon, and while it was bright and sunny, it wasn’t incredibly warm outside. However, Ben still really wanted to play with his sandpit. This was a Christmas present from the aforementioned Grandparents, and has been an excellent one – we used it loads last summer, and we’ll definitely be using it a lot this year.

Mama vs Teacher has launched a linky this week called ‘Imagination Matters.’ You can read her rationale for it here but basically, it’s a way for us to play creatively with our children. Her theme this week was ‘At Sea,’ so I took advantage of Ben’s enjoyment of the sandpit to snap some photos and get him thinking.

I started off by burying some shells in the sand. Ben loved guessing where they were and digging for them.

Digging for shells - Life by Naomi

We then built some sandcastles – although he wasn’t too impressed with the turrets and kept requesting that I build stairs instead.

Sandpit - Life by NaomiAs with all these things, the best part is knocking them down!

Next, we got out the watering can, and Ben proceeded to happily make a ‘sea’ in his sandpit.

Sandpit - Watering Can - Life by Naomi

Next time, the theme is ‘Summer.’ I think I’m going to have to put in a lot more effort next time! Craft, here we come… eeekkk!

Imagination Matters

By Naomi

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