Footprints in the Snow: The Ordinary Moments



Sometimes, it’s easy to overlook when your child is doing something new for the first time. There are so many new experiences. But playing in the snow is something that Ben has really longed for, and dreamed about. In the run-up to Christmas, he had watched so many Christmas specials where it snowed on Christmas day, that he was properly disappointed when we couldn’t go outside “and make snow angels” on Christmas morning.

Yesterday afternoon, and overnight, it snowed properly here. We were at a party when someone commented, “Oh, it’s snowing,” and the drivers in the room started texting with concerns about the state of the roads.

Ben, incredibly, was too engrossed in playing to take much notice at the time. Yet, despite us living in Lancashire, he hadn’t ever played in the snow in his memory. It snowed heavily during his first winter (I put him in his Bumbo chair next to a mini snowman), but it hadn’t ever settled enough for him to play in.

So when we left the party, he took his first footsteps in the snow.

He was transfixed by it: by the soft, gentle padding of his feet as the snow yielded into footprints; by the slight unsteadiness from the slippery surface; by the muffled quality of the noise of the world.

When we got home, we walked up and down the driveway, and he was mesmerised by seeing his tiny footprints in the snow.


This morning, we got outside for a proper play. With Samuel wrapped up in the sling, I managed to capture some photos.

Tim made a makeshift sledge with a cushion, which was brilliant fun.



He finally got to make the snow angel!


We built a mini-snowman, threw snowballs and spotted the tracks of a local cat. Then our neighbours came out to play, with their proper sledges, and we headed off to a local field with a better slope. Of course, most of the grown-ups had to have a go at sledging as well!

As always, the snow hasn’t lasted, and I expect the snowman will have melted away by tomorrow morning. But for today, for one magical Sunday, Ben had all the joy of playing in the snow for the first time.


By Naomi


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    Great photos! I have two very eager children that are willing for it to snow.. Sounds like Ben had a wonderful time

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      I really hope you get snow too!

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    […] Our Me and Mine photo for this month was taken in the snow a couple of weeks ago. I’ve got Samuel in the sling, and my scarf is half undone. Ben would rather be making snow angels, and has plastered his ‘Wallace and Gromit’ smile on, and we’re probably all getting a bit cold by this stage, but this was a really special morning for us. You can read all about it here. […]

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