Baby's Routine at 8 months


Ben has fallen into a fairly predictable routine at the moment, so I thought I’d try to record his routines each month. I hope that this will be a useful document for other mums, but also, it will be a good reference point for me.

All times are completely flexible; Ben can wake up in the morning any time between 6am and 8.30am, so I tend to adjust as necessary. 7am is a more normal wake-up time.

7am – Milk feed

8am – Breakfast

10am – Nap: Ben will normally nap for 1 1/2 hours approximately, but this can be longer or shorter.

12pm – Lunch

2.30pm – Milk feed

3pm – Nap: Ben will nap for around an hour; this might be longer if his morning nap has been shorter.

5pm – Dinner

6.15pm – Bath

6.30pm – Milk feed

7pm – Bed

One of the issues I’m having is when to go out and get involved with activities. He really needs his morning nap at home in his cot, so I like to stay at home in the morning. However, playgroups tend to be on in the morning. His afternoon nap tends to hit any activities in the afternoon – we went to a party on Saturday which started at 2.30pm, but he couldn’t really enjoy it as he was too tired. Activities which start at 1pm are good, but organised activities don’t often start at this time!

Have you noticed a similar pattern with your babies?

By Naomi


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