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In the Christian Bloggers UK Facebook Group, we’ve created an Easter Tag. I love doing these kinds of things, and I also love Easter!

1. How are you celebrating Lent this year?

The first few weeks of Lent have coincided with my Faith focus in The Organised Life Project. So I’ve been blogging a lot more about my faith, and about good spiritual disciplines. I’ve also given up coffee and biscuits, which is really difficult!

2. What does Lent mean for you?

I think of Lent as a time of focus, of self-discipline and of preparation. It is definitely a sombre time as we think about what Jesus did for us in sacrificing Himself on the cross. I also think it’s a good time to assess where we’re at and what we’re doing in our spiritual lives.

3. What things have you given up for Lent in the past, and did you succeed or fail?

I gave up chocolate when I was about 15, and I was amazed that I managed to do it. I’ve usually given up something similar – sugar, or chocolate. Last year, Ben and I did the ’40 Acts’ family workbook from Godventure which encourages you to complete acts of generosity. We both really enjoyed it.

4. Have you ever taken part in an Easter bonnet competition? ( If so post the picture for us all!)

Last year, Ben had his Easter bonnet competition at nursery. I thought our creation was acceptable (craft is not my strong point!), but we were completely shown up by an Avengers-themed top hat which looked like it had jumped straight off the pages of Pinterest! I have a few photos but none that are good enough for the blog really.

5. What is your favourite pancake topping?

Lemon and sugar! We didn’t have them on Shrove Tuesday this year, but had them a few days later. Ben – who has always hated pancakes – had a chocolate-filled one at school and declared that he likes the school ones, just not my own!

6. How do you celebrate Easter Day?

Easter Sunday is a huge celebration for us. We always go to church, then have a big roast dinner with our family – we tend to alternate between sets of parents. After lunch, we’ll have an Easter egg hunt, or try rolling eggs down the hill near Tim’s parents’ home.

7. What is your favourite Easter food?

Hot cross buns. I absolutely love them. We had friends over to visit last weekend, and they brought us some hot cross buns from a local deli. They were amazing – the best I’ve ever tasted.

8. What would you encourage others to think about during Easter time?

I’d encourage others to think about what Easter is all about: not the bunny, the eggs and the chocolate. But the cross. The sacrifice. Easter is the most important festival for Christians – much more so than Christmas. So I’d love others to think about that first Easter, and what it really means for us: that Jesus died so that we don’t need to die, if we accept Him. That’s pretty amazing.

9. What activities do you take part in during Holy Week?

We haven’t really joined in with any Holy Week traditions locally, but as a family we’ll read through the Easter story, and we’ll make an Easter Garden.

10. Who else would you like to nominate to take part in the Easter Tag?

I’m nominating Mama Mei, The Parent Game and Gospel-Centred Parenting

By Naomi

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