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A few weeks ago, I won a voucher. It was quite a lot of money, certainly more than I’d spend on myself usually. But I’d won it for something I’d done, and it was all mine.

It got me thinking. Since getting married, my attitude to money has changed quite a bit. Before, I only had my salary and my bills to worry about. When we got married, we each brought our salaries, or savings, our debts and our bills into the marriage. We work out our financial commitments together. When we had children, money got a bit tighter. Now I’m working part-time, it makes me even more reluctant to spend money on myself.

I kind of have to shake myself out of this feeling. It’s not necessarily a bad thing to spend money on yourself. It’s good to have aims and things to save for. So if I suddenly received a substantial amount of money to spend on myself, here’s what I’d do.

Get the house completely redecorated and the bathrooms refitted

We are saving, and saving, and saving to get the bathrooms done. They’re currently in a gorgeous 90s style with peachy-orange tiles, and it’s frankly too awful to even write about. But one day… I’ll have a waterfall shower and bathrooms like a hotel.

Go on a lovely holiday (or several lovely holidays)

Holidays are something we really haven’t been able to do properly since having children. One day, I know we’ll be able to fly somewhere warm and sunny and the kids will splash around in the pool and I’ll be able to lie on a sun lounger and read my book.

If we could, I think we’d love to go on an extended trip, travelling around the world. There’s so many places I’d still love to be able to visit.

Have my eyes lasered

I wear contact lenses from the moment I get up to the moment I go to bed. One day, I would love to wake up and be able to see. Laser treatment is really expensive, so this isn’t a savings priority for us, but you never know!

Hire a personal stylist and hairdresser

Obviously, I’d need a new wardrobe, and a complete makeover. I might be interested in finding out about hair transplant cost for my husband too! Personally, I’d be having weekly blow-dries, getting my nails done regularly… I’d definitely become high-maintenance!

Give the best away

I’d like to think, if we did have a windfall, that we’d be generous enough to give a substantial amount away. We support a variety of different charities, local, national and international, and I’m sure they’d use the money more wisely than us!

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By Naomi

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