How I fell back in love with Pinterest: 10 Advanced Pinning Techniques


10 advanced pinning techniques | Life by Naomi - Proven strategies for increasing engagement and traffic through Pinterest

Over the last few months, I’ve been able to up my game on social media. 3 hourly feeds throughout the day and night give good opportunities to share a post, to follow some Twitter accounts or to upload an Instagram photo. I’ve gradually started to become a tiny bit more strategic, and I’ve seen my likes, my followers and my re-tweets increasing.

One form of social media that I was being fairly passive about was Pinterest. If I saw something interesting, especially if I wanted to refer back to it later, I’d pin it to one of my boards. But I was definitely not being strategic, or in any way proactive, about it.

The thing is, I loved Pinterest a few years ago. I was fairly early user of it, back in early 2012, and I loved it. The ideas, the recipes, the life hacks (before I even knew what a life-hack was). I spent hours looking for nursery designs, and wondering why it was essential to make your own box-mix cake rather than making a normal sponge. Of all the social networks, Pinterest was my happy place.

But around a year ago, something changed. My feed became less about what my friends had pinned and more about what Pinterest thought I’d like. I was clicking through to websites where the pins seemed to promise something brilliant, but the blog post didn’t deliver. Rather than new or interesting ideas, I was seeing more adverts, more sponsored posts, more meaningless content. I fell out of love with Pinterest.

But last week, at Blog On MSI, I heard Elizabeth Sellers give a talk on Pinterest Advanced.

Elizabeth is a Pinterest UK ambassador, so she really knows her stuff about Pinterest. She blogs at Rosalilium, and I had come across her on Twitter before. She’s a really successful blogger, so I admit to having a bit of a thrill when I realised she was the speaker.

As I said before, I used to love Pinterest. But what I really liked about her talk was that she was staying true to what I liked about Pinterest: the ideas, the tutorials, the journey of discovering an amazing blog when you’ve got no idea how you got there.

10 Techniques for Advanced Pinning

  1. 1. Pinterest isn’t about networking
    Instead, it’s about visual discovery, taste and aesthetics. It’s not about who you know, but about what you know, and how you present it.
    Pinners almost use Pinterest before Google. They look for ideas way before they know what they really want. Pinterest helps them to work out what they want. I know I definitely do this: I’ve searched for ‘Boys Bedroom’ many times before narrowing down the colour scheme, the theme and then the products that I want to buy.

2. Pinterest is about celebrating, educating and inspiring
Pinners use Pinterest for these reasons: to celebrate something, for example, a baby shower. They then educate themselves: their essentials for newborns. Pinterest also inspires them, with ideas for decorating the nursery. Pins need to be celebrating, educating or inspiring.

3. You need to consider your Pinterest boards like you do your brand
I’ve been working on this. So now, all my Pinterest boards have a better thought-out title. I’ve reorganised a random board I had entitled ‘Hints and Tips’ into three, much more useful, boards:

Hopefully, these will be helpful in getting my readers organised too!

4. Pinners start early
Pinterest sees activity months before an actual event. So Christmas pins start becoming popular in December. Halloween is becoming a huge event in the UK, and Pinterest sees massive spikes in Halloween related searches during September and October. We need to make sure our pins are relevant.
The key events in the UK calendar are Mother’s Day, Glastonbury (I was surprised about that one), Back to School, Halloween and Christmas.

5. Busy boards do well
Pinterest algorithms like boards with more than 45 pins. Using secret boards is a good way to get around this – if you’re pinning something onto a new board, keep it secret. Then, when it reaches 45 pins, make it public.

6. Make your pins helpful
Pins with detailed descriptions, step by step instructions and how-tos will do well. Lists are also very successful.

7. Convert to a Business Account if you’re a blogger
I knew I had to do this to get Rich Pins. However, I thought it would be a real pain. I did it early last week and it literally took me one click. That’s it. You can convert your account here.

8. Use Rich Pins
This is on my to-do list for this week. Elizabeth has a tutorial which I will be using here.

9. Promote your Pinterest presence
I would really love it if you followed me on Pinterest. I pin lots of things which are interesting, useful and inspiring. – There you go, presence promoted!


10. Use Pinterest Analytics
Once you’re set up as a business account, you can see who is pinning what from your site. This is brilliant! Ultimately, it will help you tailor your pins – and your posts – to suit your audience even more.

Since Elizabeth’s talk, I’ve completely reorganised my Pinterest boards. I’m back pinning the things I love, things which inspire me and things which are helpful. I’d love it if you came to follow me over on Pinterest.

Hello Beautiful Bear
Pink Pear Bear
Cuddle Fairy
My Petit Canard

By Naomi


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    Love the visuals on your Pinterest boards!!! I will definitely need to work on the appearances of my Pinterest boards after reading this!!!! ‪#‎bloggingboost‬ ‪#‎bloggingboosters‬.

    1. Reply

      I’m having so much fun re-organising them and making them all a bit more uniform. I seem to be gaining a few followers too now!

  2. Reply

    Thanks for the insight. Although I have a Pinterest account, I have never really utilized it. Now I can see were I could take it in the future.

    1. Reply

      I think it has so much potential – it’s completely unlike any other social media. Happy pinning!

  3. Reply

    Thanks for the great post Naomi, I love Pinterest too and found a couple of your tips super helpful, especially the tip about making boards secret until they reach a certain pin level, I had no idea!

    1. Reply

      I’m trying to do that myself now… At least it makes my boards look a bit more uniform!

  4. Reply

    I’m not a big Pinterest user, but that’s partly because I’ve never exactly known how to use it. Thanks for these tips – I’m sure they’ll help.

    1. Reply

      I think there are tricks and tips for all forms of social media and you find the one that suits you. Have fun on Pinterest.

  5. Reply

    I’ve been guilty of neglecting Pinterest. While I think it suits some niches more than others, I have heard that it’s the biggest traffic driver for some bloggers. I’ll try to implement these tips, thanks!

    1. Reply

      See, I think I have some posts that should do really well on Pinterest – I guess it depends on your niche. Glad you find the tips useful.

  6. Reply

    Really interesting as I’m still struggling with Pinterest and its currently my social media focus point! I will be using some of your tips and reading up some more on Pinterest 🙂


    1. Reply

      I have social media focus points too! It’s really only recently that I’ve started to put much more effort into social media, but I definitely have a way to go.

  7. Reply

    Didn’t really think much about Pinterest but think I’ll give it more of a look now, thanks #BloggerClubUk

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      I’m really enjoying it again… but now they’ve approved affiliate links I’m a bit anxious that I might be put off again. We’ll see!

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    Growing on Pinterest is one of my goals for this year & I haven’t started working on it yet! It’s a network that I don’t know much baout yet. I am going to pin this post for when I start focusing on it! Thanks for the great tips! Thanks so much for linking up with #bloggerclubuk

  9. Reply

    Super useful tips lovely! I adore Pinterest, and whilst everything is becoming more busy over there, I still need to try and expose my own pins more! Thank you for the tips #bloggerclubuk xx

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    Hi Naomi, I love your blog! Found you via you following me on Instagram. This is a great post, I’m off to follow you on Pinterest! Have you discovered pin scheduling yet too? I’ve started using board booster which has helped with regular pinning.

    1. Reply

      Thanks! I’ve promised myself I’ll get Board Booster once I reach 1000 followers on Pinterest, so I’m working on it 🙂 I like to give myself little targets.

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