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A couple of weeks ago, I introduced you to some of my favourite parenting blogs. I called it ‘Life Loves,’ but I wasn’t really happy with the title. So this week, I’ve gone with what I thought the title could be – Brilliant Blogs.

This week, it’s all about the writing. Actually, these are the kinds of blogs I love reading: those that describe, more accurately than you thought possible, how you are feeling. Those that convey the pain, and joy, and sheer madness of life. Not just parenting blogs (although there are several of them), but all kinds of bloggers from all walks of life.

These posts, for me, are the essence of blogging. They stay with me much, much longer than recipes, tutorials or life updates. These are the ones that made me cry. The ones that make me take the time to appreciate my children and the blessings that I have. The ones that make me proud to be part of the blogging community.

Brilliant Blog Posts - Great writing

I’m linking to a brilliant post for all of them, but I really encourage you to stick around these bloggers – you never know what you’ll find.

Parenting can be lonelyOver Heaven’s Hill – This is a fairly new blog to me, but I am loving Geraldine’s writing, and this post is one of these which makes you stop and realise that you feel that way too.

The Mountain by Bare Naked Faith – I’ve known Hannah for a few years, and she is 100% brilliant. Her writing was a real surprise to me, though: reflective, honest, open and raw. She writes so beautifully about faith, and this post, about her daughter’s diabetes, made me sob.

The Care of Tweens and Other Magical Creatures by Agent Spitback – Right, I hate the name of this blog (sorry), but this writing is incredible. It was one of those posts that I thought was going to be a bit ranty and funny, but actually it was beautiful. Please read it!

The Last Time by Mummy Daddy and Me Makes Three When I first discovered Katie’s blog, I became a bit obsessed with The Ordinary Moments series. They are little snapshots of their lives, where she writes about ordinary parts of their weeks. A few months ago, she wrote this post about her final pregnancy, and it has really stayed with me. One thing I think this blog does really well is to balance the memories of family life with really great social media, beautiful photographs and great brand collaborations. The Ordinary Moments is a brilliant way of doing this – and I promise I will take part more often.

Writing is hard. I should know: I teach people how to do it! Good writing, writing which captures those memories and those emotions so precisely, is hard to find. It’s harder to do, so I want to celebrate it as much as I can.

Inspire Flourish

By Naomi


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    Thank you so much for linking to Parenting can be lonely Naomi. I’m honoured #inspireflourish

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      I loved it, and I thought your writing was excellent – raw, honest and perceptive.

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        Oh thank you so much Naomi. I’m only blogging about 2 months and have found the blogging community to be the most supportive and a lovely group of people!

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          Definitely! It took me ages to find a blogging community that I really like, but bloggers are the loveliest people.

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    Thanks so much for linking up to #inspireflourish! x

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