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It’s a while since I’ve done a Brilliant Blogs post, but I’ve recently discovered some absolutely brilliant bloggers, and I really want to share their writing with you. 

Recent Discoveries for 2017 in Blogging

Dilan and Me

Dilan and Me, written by Lauren, is an absolutely beautiful blog. In fact, you should totally follow Dilan and Me on Instagram too, for the beautiful photos.

Lauren writes sympathetically and honestly about motherhood and her son, 3 year old Dilan. With a passion to spread kindness through random acts, she tells the story of their little family.

Ella’s Abode

Emily’s blog, named after her daughter Ella, is focused on interior design. And the interiors really are lovely. Emily and her husband are gradually doing up their forever home, and she’s blogging about each project. This is a really new blog, and definitely one to watch.

Wonderful Chaos

Franki’s blog tells the story of her little family, with her 4 year old son, Luca. Franki writes beautifully about the challenges of parenthood and her post about Working Mum Guilt will stay with me for a long time. I’m also linking to her post on 14 tips to help your 4 year old transition to school because I think it’s got some great advice.

This is me now

Susie at This is me now has become a Stay at Home Mum fairly recently. She blogs about all aspects of her life as a mum and as a blogger, and has started doing recipes which is great. She’s also my sister’s favourite blogger… I appear to have lost my biggest fan!

Are there any blogs you’ve been really enjoying recently? I’d love to check them out!


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By Naomi


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    hahah love your sister! Thanks so much Naomi, I am so glad we’ve met (virtually!) and i’m loving all your organisational tips, you really have life sussed! xx

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