Brilliant Blogs: Authentic Voices


This month, I’m looking at brilliant bloggers who write with authentic voices. Here’s my selection of the very best. 

The world of blogging is a funny old place. We wander through, killing time, distracting ourselves, trying to find some kind of connection. We love the pieces that resonate with us. We are amazed at other peoples’ creativity, or their energy for endless banter. We share stories, photos, ideas, and then wonder if we should have. And then someone will comment on something you’ve written, or you will get a big spike in views and that’s pretty satisfying.

Brilliant blogging - Authentic voices

Blogging has definitely changed in the last few years. Now there are professional bloggers, professional vloggers and everyone is writing an ebook. I, personally love this. I know there are lots of people who bemoan this, and wonder if it’s the “right way,” but here’s the thing: there’s always something else out there. The internet is a pretty huge, if not infinite space, and I do think there is space for everyone. If you feel like a blogger is selling out, or becoming one advert after another, then stop reading. The people who are successful at this do well to maintain their authentic voice while making it their profession.

Yes, sometimes it feels like everyone is trying to get you to do something. Sometimes, it feels like every pin you click through on Pinterest is asking you to buy something. Or every post is full of affiliate links. (If you click on the link and buy the product, the blogger will get compensated. The cost is no different to you.) But these blogs tend to either be just clickbait, or will collapse pretty quickly.

A few months ago, I made a commitment to keeping my blog useful, beautiful and real. And today I want to celebrate those bloggers who really do keep it real. They share the good and bad moments of their lives. They speak truthfully and openly about what they want to share.

My first choice is Brummy Mummy of Two. I’ve been following her blog for a very long time, and so often, she absolutely nails it. Her ‘Don’t beat yourself up’ guides are great, and I especially love this one, the Don’t Beat Yourself Up Guide to Being Bored. If I’m honest, there are times when being a mum to small children is just a bit repetitive, tedious and dull. But Emma? She get’s it.

Mumma Lambert is a blog I’ve discovered fairly recently. Emily has a 3 month old daughter and blogs honestly about the trials of parenting. I love her post on Sleep Training, and know it will strike a chord with so many parents.

Gorgeous George’s Mama is another very honest blog. Her review of their first family holiday to Butlins gives a real, unadulterated view of a holiday with a small child. And when the holiday isn’t as it was promised? Well, I’ll let you read it to find out for yourself.

My final choice for honest blogging is Love from Mim. Her post on Why I Blog About My Breast Cancer is open and inspiring. I follow Mim’s blog really closely, and think she gets the balance right – her writing is honest, real, helpful and interesting.

I’d love to know which blogs you enjoy. Leave your recommendations in the comments.

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By Naomi


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    Oh Naomi thank you so so much for this, you’ve really made my day! x x

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