20 wishes for 2017


A few weeks ago, Lauren from Dilan and Me tagged me to create a ’20 wishes for 2017′ post. As you know, I love making lists of goals and projects – I love a good plan! I’m still working my way through my 35 before I’m 35 list but I couldn’t resist this one too.

So, without further ado – and because it’s now February and I am clearly playing catch-up already, here are my 20 wishes for 2017.

5 Personal Wishes

To keep working on my work-life balance. Although I work part-time, I have Samuel at home with my on my days off. When he naps, I’m always planning, marking, blogging or doing housework. It’s the same as soon as they boys go to sleep in the evening. Tim is really good at taking the boys out at the weekend or looking after them so I can escape to a cafe. I really value this time on my own and know I am a better wife and mother because of it.

To be more present. I, like most parent-bloggers am very attached to my phone. I’m guilty of being that parent who is half playing, and half reading a Buzzfeed article. So I’m going to try to put my phone down and play much more concentratedly.

To curb my sugar addiction. This is also on my 35 before I’m 35 list. I really struggle with it to be honest, and I know that tiredness and busyness don’t help.

To see my friends more often. Because they are lovely.

To see the bigger picture. I’m a details person in many ways. I sometimes forget the big picture and my perspective gets too narrow. I need to remind myself to see the bigger picture and get things into perspective.

5 Family Wishes

To use our time at weekends well. If we haven’t made plans, the weekends can sometimes pass by in a struggle of boredom and feeling cooped up. This is particularly true with the very wet Lancashire weather! This year, I want us to get out and about much more as a family, and to enjoy our time inside as a family.

To document Ben and Samuel’s relationship. When we had Samuel, I really didn’t anticipate how much Ben and Samuel would love each other. Ben has a very caring and loving character, and this has really developed since he became a big brother. I don’t think I’ll be sharing this very much on the blog as I’m trying to blog less about us and more about things that are helpful, but I still want to document it.

To visit my Grandma. My Grandma came up to see us last year from Bedfordshire – a long journey for a lady in her 90s. I think it’s time that we paid a return visit.

To actively work to strengthen our marriage. I’ve said before that I think the time when your children are small is tough on your marriage. Yet it’s the time when you need each other the most. So I want to make time for our marriage, to pray purposefully for and with my husband and to grow closer together.

To have a family holiday. Last year we had our winter holiday in Whitby, and went to stay with my parents in June. This year, we’d really like to have a family holiday somewhere. It doesn’t have to be fancy, but a change of scenery would be lovely.

5 Blog Wishes

To make a real success of The Organised Life Project. When I had the idea for The Organised Life Project, I knew it was going to be a big undertaking. I am more excited about this than anything else I’ve ever done on the blog, and I have some really exciting plans. We’ve also got an amazing community over on Facebook (you can join by signing up at the bottom). It is exciting!

To continue to connect with other bloggers. Over the last six months, I feel like I’ve really got to know some other bloggers. One of the best things I’ve done recently has been to collaborate with Rachel on her Mummy Meditations. I really hope this continues to grow!

To make the most of (and increase) my traffic from Pinterest. I love Pinterest. I always have done, and you can have a look at my boards and pins here. I’d really like to increase my traffic from Pinterest because I think it fits well with my niche.

To redesign my blog. It’s a year since I went self-hosted and bought my current theme. I like it… but I don’t love it. So at some point this year, I’d like to get a new theme, restructure my categories and make it a bit – ok, a lot – faster.

To stay focused. I feel like over the last year I’ve been a bit inconsistent in the blog. I’ve chased after different ideas and not really committed to anything. This year, I’m trying to stay true to my blog’s purpose: to be useful, real and beautiful.

5 Hopes

That tolerance, justice and peace will rule. After 2016 was the year of political surprises and upsets, I hope that we remember our core values in the UK and the USA. The world seems a very anxious place at the moment and things seem very unpredictable. I hope that by the end of 2017 it is much more settled.

That we don’t lost our global perspective. One month ago, the news was full of the conflict in Syria. Then the refugee crisis. Then camps in Calais. It seems that we’ve forgotten about those things now, and that all the news is focused on is the USA. I hope that all these situations see significant steps towards resolution.

That sensible decisions are made with regard to education in the UK. Over the last few years, the classrooms of the UK have had significant upheaval with grading systems, curriculum and inspections changing all too frequently. I’d personally like some time to embed all these latest changes. To be totally honest, I’d like education to be left out of politics all together and for decisions in education to be made by a committee informed by research. But that would be wishful thinking.

That we get a good summer. On a slightly more positive note, I’d love to have a good summer. Last year was pretty good but Samuel was crawling and rolling everywhere and being outside was mostly more stressful than relaxing! But this year, we’d like to be pottering around outside, using the pizza oven and enjoying the garden.

That the children will sleep through the night. This is my parenting ultimate goal. One day, I will put the children to bed and they will not wake up until the following morning. That’s my dream.

Those are my wishes… What are yours for 2017?

I’m tagging Karen at Grumpyish Mum, Kayleigh at Little B and Me, Kelly at Kelly Allen Writer and Laura at Savings 4 Savvy Mums 

Happy 2017!


By Naomi


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    Some brilliant wishes and hopes here. I love your one about documenting your children’s relationship as that is something that I really need to do too. Also I really hope that justice, tolerance and peace rule too.

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    I really enjoyed this post. I hope we get a good summer too and good luck with redesigning the blog this year.

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    Some beautiful wishes there. I love yoru more global ones, so great to be thinking at that level and I’ll certainly be joining you in prayer on those points. Mich x

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    A great list! This is such a good idea, it always helps to write down your goals. I’m trying to focus on quality time too, just to focus on one thing at time, instead of about ten! Ha! xx

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