Top 5 Energy Saving Tips for Busy Families


Did you know you could be overspending on your energy by an average of £293?

We all know energy bills seem to cost more and more each year, leaving less money in the bank for the really important things in life, such as securing a deposit for a move, saving for a family holiday or even finally paying off the mortgage.

According to a recent survey, customers of the Big Six energy companies are paying £4 billion more than they should be because they remain on the most expensive tariffs. The good news is the experts at Cosy Homes Lancashire have provided busy parents with a fool proof guide to help save money on energy bills and stay warm all year round.

1) Fun and games

Gas, electricity and heating can be a massive drain on the household budget, but a little housekeeping can help you cut them down to size. For example, try ‘competition time’ with your children to see who can point out all the ways to save energy in the home. This may not be the most popular game at first, but throw in a bag a sweets for the winner and their eyes are sure to widen.

2) Warm in all weathers

The terms insulation and cavity walls are thrown about a lot in the winter months with the promise of keeping heat in and cold air out. But, a well-insulated house is a solid investment all year round, and in summer it helps circulate cool air indoors and keep the heat outdoors. We’ve had our cavity wall insulation done recently, and I can already tell it is making a difference. This is a long-term investment that will pay off no matter what the weather.

3) Take control of your heating 

Did you know the cost of heating can make up about 60% of your energy bills? Oops! The solution is to replace your outdated boiler with an A-rated boiler which includes a full set of heating controls that help you keep your house at a constant temperature, which is more energy efficient .

4) Welcome the sunshine

Summer has made a comeback across Lancashire this week, but we actually still had our heating on – simply because neither of us had realised! The hot weather shines a constant stream of sunshine into our homes, so be sure to take full advantage of the extra warmth. 

The rays of sunshine streaming into your home will reduce the amount of time your boiler will need to be left on and in turn allows you to hold on to those precious pennies.

5) Go solar for summer 

There are several ways to make the most of the sunshine – building a sun terrace or a greenhouse and spending more time in the garden, for example – but to actually save money while staying cosy and warm indoors, consider solar panels. 

Solar panels are one of the most cost-effective ways to generate your own (free) energy, and with the help of Cosy Homes Lancashire, thousands of families have saved money with them too.

This post was written in collaboration with, the countywide energy efficiency and affordable warmth initiative. Visit their website today and explore their services and ensure your family is warm and well.

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