Lovely Ideas for Valentine’s Gifts – For Women


Lovely Valentine's Gifts for Women

Valentine’s Day is nearly here!

Although Tim and I only really do token presents, I’ve put together a little selection of some beautiful things which I think would make great Valentine’s gifts.

What’s even better is that they are all under £30!

I think Valentine’s gifts should be thoughtful but not too serious, and a little bit luxurious; a treat in the middle of a cold, grey month; a little celebration to honour the love you have for each other.

So beautiful accessories, candles, posh skincare, and, of course, flowers, wine and chocolates.

Valentines Gifts


Our Story Date Print by Letterfest – I love seeing these kind of prints in other peoples’ houses. It’s a romantic and personal way to celebrate your story together, and you can make it as classic or as quirky as you like.

Korres Essential Travel Treats by Marks and Spencer – Korres skincare is really lovely, and this gives you a good selection of treats. It’s excellent value too, at only £12.00.

Busy Bee Scarf – by White Stuff -I love the pattern on this scarf! It’s really cute, and the scarf would look great with a casual outfit. I really like the pop of yellow too, even though it’s a colour I rarely wear, as it gives it a little lift.

White Rose Candle by The White Company – This is just lovely: romantic, elegant and luxurious. For me, this would be a real treat.

Rose Gold Heart Necklace by Phoebedreams on Etsy – I just think this is really pretty. Yes, it’s girly. Yes, it’s romantic. So surely it’s the perfect gift for Valentine’s day?

Now, all you need to do is to leave this blog post strategically open on the laptop!


By Naomi


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    Fab collection of gifts you’ve put together Naomi! I particularly like the Korres Essential Travel Treats – can’t believe they’re only £12! Korres have such nice products! I also love the Busy Bee Scarf, the pattern is gorgeous! Love the look of your site Naomi – I’ll definitely be back! Xx

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      Oh, thank you! I’m sorry it’s taken so long to reply – your comment went into my Spam folder – but I loved your blog too and will be following you.

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