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This isn’t the first time I’ve blogged. Nor is it the second. This is the third blog I’ve created. You can visit the others over at www.chocolatecakehalloffame.blogspot.com and www.mrslsenglish.blogspot.com, but I felt that the focus of those blogs (food and teaching) had become too narrow. I wanted a blog where I can write about all aspects of my life: family, food, faith, and anything else that inspires.

My aim is to blog 5 times a week. As to the content, I set myself no limits. I will run with whatever inspires me. One of my aims of this blog is to work on my writing. It’s rare to have a creative outlet when you’re a busy professional, and blogging helps me to do this.  I also set no limits on the word count – if it’s just a couple of sentences, that’s fine.

Another aim is to improve my photography. I’m a terrible photographer. I sometimes see what I think would make a good photo, but I don’t take it. I also know nothing about editing photographs before publishing them. I’d like to develop this, and know that having a possible audience for them is likely to motivate me.

Most of all though, this blog shouldn’t become an obligation or a burden. I’m doing it because it’s fun. I want an online presence, and this is my attempt.

By Naomi

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