New Year Little Loves


This year, I’m going to try to take part in Little Loves with Coffee, Work, Sleep, Repeat. The idea is that you document lovely parts of your week into the categories and make a reminder of your day to day life.

My photos this week are mostly random, but I will definitely try to photograph things that will feature from now on!


I have been absolutely engrossed in Small Great Things by Jodi Picoult. I’m hoping to take part in the #BookClub140 chat over on Twitter.

I have read several Jodi Picoult books and generally really enjoy the legal drama and the discussions of morals and faith. I also loved The Storyteller, which had a dual narrative set in the modern day and during the holocaust. That book has stayed with me for a very, very long time, and I think Small Great Things might do the same.

It follows Ruth, a black nurse who is charged with the murder of a newborn baby. The baby’s parents are white supremacists. There are several twists along the way, but the book gives a real insight into race in America.


Sherlock, of course! Both Tim and I were gripped on New Year’s Day. I imagine most of the nation were gripped by it. I haven’t read any commentaries, but I was very happy – although I’m not quite sure that’s the right word – with the episode. I’m really looking forward to the rest of the series.


Erm… Does the theme tune from Go Jetters count? I only ask, because we’ve been hearing that a lot as Samuel has started singing along to it. Must do better on this one!


Now that the festivities of Christmas are over, I’ve been getting back into meal planning, and I’ve made several of the meals in my Winter Meal Plans. The chicken stew with pearl barley went down well, as did the sweet and sour prawns.

We also made a The Spicery meal for New Year’s Eve and it was really good – The Spicery subscription was one of our favourite presents from Christmas 2015 and we have a few to use up. This one was Lebanese.


Jeans and jumpers mostly! I’m returning to work today after the Christmas holiday so it’s nice to be able to wear a dress. Although I did wear a lovely White Company dress for our second Christmas day (actually on Monday) with Tim’s family.

and lastly

I feel like things are getting moving with our home again! We are finally having the hall, stairs and landing painted this week. I have a little (long) list of things to do in the house in 2017 and I might actually get some of them done.

I’ll be using the #littleloves hashtag over on Instagram too. You can follow me here. 

Little Loves Coffee Work Sleep Repeat

By Naomi


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    Happy New Year! Sherlock took me a little while to warm up to when it first started but now I love it. Can’t wait to see what the series holds

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    I used to read Jovi Piccult a lot. I loved sherlock too. Your meals look and sound delicious. #littleloves

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    Oh, I’m so glad you enjoyed Small Great Things – I’m really looking forward to reading and discussing it. I’ve also been getting back to meal planning this week and I’m pleased that we have stuck with it – currently looking for recipe inspiration for the week ahead. Enjoy your weekend xx

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    You can’t beat a bit of NY decorating, it really gets the house off to a good start for the rest of the year if that makes sense?! I’m with you on meal planning too, it saves my sanity when it comes to the weekly food shop/order! #LittleLoves

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    We have such a long list of things to do to the house this year – obviously once the extension is finished! I have been pretty much living in jeans and dresses too! x

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    So lovely to have you joining in with LittleLoves this year Naomi!
    We loved Sherlock too, I think it’s shaping up to being my favourite season of it yet. I’ve seen a few bloggers mention Small Great Things now, I really must add it to my list. I used to read loads of Jodi Picoult but then found her books too formulaic so stopped. After hearing such good things about this one though, I’d love to give her another try.
    Have a great week xx

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