Little Loves 7: Outlander, Millennials and new make up!


I missed Little Loves last week. It was half term, and although we had a brilliant time and lots of days out, I had hardly any time for blogging. I just about managed to get a few posts together but Little Loves didn’t make it last week! This week has been a bit less crazy, and I’ve been able to get a bit more on top of things which is good.


I read this article earlier the week: In the war between the baby boomers and the millennials, we have forgotten about the work-hard, play-hard generation x. Now, I turned 18 in 2000, which makes me one of the oldest millennials. Recently, I’ve seen more and more discussion about what is ‘typical’ of a millennial, but this article got me thinking. As someone who was born 8 months too late for Generation X, I think I might have some of the ‘work hard’ attitude discussed in the article. I recognise more of the Generation X characteristics in myself than the millennial ones (although I love social media and do take selfies). It just got me thinking.


Somehow, this week, while shopping on Amazon, I managed to sign up for another free trial of Amazon Prime. So I’ve been watching series 2 of Outlander, which is great. I’ve read all the books and got slightly hooked on them, and the tv adaptation is really good.

We also had a family film night this evening with Ben, and watched Night at the Museum. He was absolutely gripped by it!


This is going to seem like a bit of a strange link, but we’ve done some (gentle) sleep training with Samuel, and he’s now sleeping much better at night. As a result, so am I, mostly. It’s meant I can concentrate better, and this week, I’ve felt a strong desire to listen to Radio 4. Hooray! I did love Radio 4 a few years ago but then couldn’t concentrate on it. But this week I’ve really enjoyed A Good Read and the Media Show.


I’ve done a few jobs around the house this week, fixing things that had fallen down (the hallway noticeboard) and finally putting up some photos in our landing, which is very satisfying.


Yesterday, I cleared my purse out. I found a gift voucher that had been hanging around for a little while and, as it was raining and a bit miserable, Samuel and I went shopping. One trip to Debenhams beauty counters later and I am now the proud owner of a Naked 2 palette!

and lastly

It’s the final week of our Routines focus in The Organised Life Project. It has been a bit more complicated than decluttering, because I’ve been asking my readers to work out manageable routines for their lives. But for those people who have done it, this has made their homes and time run so much more smoothly, so that’s great.

Next month, we’re having a focus on spirituality and self-care which I’m really looking forward to!


Little Loves Coffee Work Sleep Repeat

By Naomi


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    I guess I’m generation x too and I definitely have a work hard attitude. I think we have quite similar values. I’ve loved your decluttering – I’ll be going back over it when I can actually put some of it into practice! x

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      I thought it had a really interesting perspective. I guess those of us who are ont he edges of a ‘generation’ can bring in to play strengths of both sides. The decluttering is fab xx

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    I am a generation x for sure. I love a good declutter been reorganizing and decluttering my house since January feels so much better. Now just need it to warm up and do a really deep clean windows inside and all. lol Sounds like you had a good week lovely hope your weekend was just as good #littleloves

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      Thanks Jenny! Your house always looks so lovely on your blog. I’m a bit obsessed with decluttering now! xx

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    Ooh I watched season 1 of outlander but only made it to episode 2 of season 2….for some reason I wasn’t feeling it once they ended up in France. I do want to go back to it at some point though to know how it ends! #littleloves

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      Stick with it 🙂 I just think Series 1 was so good but it takes a little while to warm up to France. There are 7 or 8 books so far so it hasn’t ended, but most people just read up to Book 3 xx

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        I loved season 1 but yeah like you say France is taking a little warming to!

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    Thanks for the link to the Independent, a great article and I am bang in the middle for generation x and think it pretty much sums me up. I really enjoy radio 4 for the quieter times when I’m on my own wanting some company, I often catch up with Woman’s hour and the Archers on podcasts.

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      That’s really interesting about what you think about Generation X… Let’s hope Generation X will save us all!! Ooh, yes, The Archers podcast is a good call xx

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    Love the sound of your ‘organised life’ – I do my own take on that which is very hit and miss! I’ve never really got into Radio 4 but I know many people who love it; sadly my teens only allow me to listen to Capital in the car! Look forward to your spiritual/self care posts 🙂

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    Being 16 in 2000 I’m technically a millennial, though like you I recognise a lot of gen X traits in myself. It’s a funny one isn’t it? So much has changed since we were teens.
    Yay for finding gift vouchers you forgot you had! I love it when something like that happens. xx

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