Little Loves 6: Ninjago, Ted Baker and a new carpet


I almost didn’t do #LittleLoves this week. It’s been a fairly busy week in terms of real-life commitments, so I haven’t taken many photos, but I am really enjoying this community, so it’s a quick post today so that I can go and catch up with commenting!


I’ve really been enjoying Emma’s blog, Island Living 365, especially today’s post about manspreading. It certainly hit a nerve with me!


I haven’t watched much TV this week – except Taboo, but it was a really slow episode this week – but Ben has discovered the Lego Ninjago series on CITV which has been interesting.


I’ve heard the Stevie Wonder and Ariana Grande single Faith a lot this week and it is amazing. It’s from the Sing movie, and definitely makes me want to go and watch it.


I’ve discovered Polyvore this week and I’m putting together some ideas for outfits and capsule wardrobes – a concept I’m slightly obsessed with in this Pinterest board: Stylish Life – Capsule Wardrobe. So expect a few Capsule Wardrobe posts coming soon.


One day, I will take some photos of myself wearing something interesting! Instead, I thought I’d show you Ben’s coat which we bought in the January sales. It’s a Ted Baker coat from Debenhams and it’s really snuggly and warm.

and lastly

We had our new carpet fitted! Here’s a sneak peek!



Little Loves Coffee Work Sleep Repeat

By Naomi


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    Aw, Ben looks like such a happy chappy! I really want to watch the movie ‘Sing’ now too! Sounds like a good week. xx

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    Aww that is such a cute coat and i love picking up bits in the sale! The new carpet looks fab – theres nothing like the feel of a new carpet to make you want to redo the whole house! lol #littleloves

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      I know! I want to do the hall, stairs and landing next… Hubby is not keen! xx

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    Loving the new carpet – must feel great to have that fitted. I’m so desperate for new flooring downstairs since we’ve built our extension. Fingers crossed it will happen soon! Enjoy your week xx

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      We’ve waited 2 and a half years for the carpet so I’m really enjoying it! Hope you get your new flooring soon xx

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    I didn’t even know Stevie Wonder and Ariana Grande had done a song together. Love the carpet, there is nothing like that new carpet feeling is there x

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      It’s so good, you definitely need to listen to the song! The feel of the new carpet is lovely xx

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    I just love that new carpet smell! It looks lovely. Polyvore is something I use all the time – you’ll be addicted now! x

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    I’m finding Taboo slow, as much as I love Tom it’s not my favourite show he’s done. Very jealous of your lovely new carpet. #LittleLoves

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      Hmm, I don’t get the Tom thing. He just grunts a lot! Ha ha!

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    Ooh a new carpet isnt it lovely to bounce on but a fluffy too. It’s a lovely colour. I’d love to see some of your fashion posts, I enjoyed not a frumpy mum’s teacher capsule wardrobe post this week. Have a good week x

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      It is really lovely! I’ll check out the post, thank you for the recommendation!

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    Oh my goodness I love Polyvore it’s fab. EEek I can get lost drooling over everything on there. Lovely snap of little man looking proud of himself and happy as always. Hurray for new carpets too. It love the feeling of freshly laid carpet so fluffy and soft. Hope you had a good week so far #littleloves

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      I cannot tell you how much I’m enjoying the new carpet! When you spend a lot of time playing on the floor with the children it makes such a difference! xx

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    Oh you should definitely go and watch Sing. Amy and I really enjoyed it – probably because it’s got lots of fun music in it. She’s obsessed with Lady Gaga’s Romance ever since x #littleloves

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      I’m working on persuading my son! xx

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    Thanks for the reminder about Polyvore, I haven’t used it in ages! Will definitely be having a play around with it again when the girls are back at school. xx

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      The chrome extension makes such a difference, I could not get to grips with it before xx

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