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I almost hesitate to say this, but we’ve had a pretty good week this week. Samuel FINALLY – I hope – seems to be clear of his ear infection and has seemed back to normal after weeks and weeks of antibiotics. Tim’s work isn’t too crazy at the moment which is nice, and I’m back on top of things after the marking. Plus there’s a touch of Spring in the air now which makes everything much better.


I’ve really enjoyed catching up with all the Christian Bloggers UK guest blogs. I interviewed Sheila Donald in this post, and I guested on Becky’s blog here. My highlights have been Michelle’s post on Happy Is Her Home and Kate’s post on Mummy From The Heart.



The girl with all the gifts

On a completely different note, last Friday, Tim and I watched ‘The Girl with all the Gifts.’ It’s a UK-produced film and we really enjoyed it. Here’s the thing, though: it’s a zombie film. The ‘Girl’ in the title, Melanie, lives in a dystopian future where almost everyone’s brains have been infected with a fungus which turns them into flesh-eating zombies. Humanity’s only hope lies in the next generation: flesh-eaters who retain the ability to think and feel. Together with her teacher, a scientist and an army sergeant, Melanie has to come to terms with who she really is.

I really enjoyed it – it’s funny and thought-provoking.


This is kind of a watched and heard, as it’s a Facebook Live, but if you’re a blogger, I highly recommend You Baby Me Mummy‘s Facebook Lives on a Thursday morning. We’re usually at playgroup on a Thursday morning but Samuel and I half watched and mostly listened on Thursday afternoon. I have learned loads of tips and got lots of new ideas for the blog so that’s great.


Following Aby’s Facebook Live, I’ve made a few printables from The Organised Life Project. This month, we are all about creating routines that work for your family. I’ve used things that I’ve created for my family and have made them a lot prettier… So I know they work AND I know they look good! If you’d like to join The Organised Life Project (and receive your free printables), please pop your email in at the bottom of this post.



This week, I actually wore a couple of new things: a pink shirt from Gap, and a white slouchy jumper from Dorothy Perkins. But was I organised enough to take a photo of myself in them? Of course not.

I’ve definitely got wardrobe frustration, with both my casual and my work clothes. The clothes I had after having Samuel are mostly a bit big or worn out now (I have a tendency to wear things until they fall apart). My work clothes are just boring, although I do find it tricky to find teacher-appropriate attire. It doesn’t help that my classroom can go from freezing to boiling within the space of about 30 minutes! I have got plans to do a few Capsule Wardrobe posts (I’m obsessed with the idea of a capsule wardrobe) so perhaps I’d better get on with it.

and lastly

I finally took the plunge and ordered a new carpet for our living room! Our current carpet was chosen by the previous owners: it was badly stained and very worn. However, I decided that we wouldn’t get a new one until we’d gone through the sicky milky stage with the baby. Well, that baby is now 15 months old and well over the sicky stage thank goodness! So our new carpet arrives on Monday, and then I can finally show you our lounge!


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By Naomi


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    Oooh yay to getting a new carpet! Very sensible to wait until you have got past the sicky baby stage. Aby’s facebook lives are great!

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    oh what a great list. We got new carpet and it’s great. Let me know how it goes. What colour did you choose?

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    Pleased to hear that Samuel is feeling better and yay for new carpets – I’m sure it will make such a difference to the room

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    I’m obsessed with Aby’s Facebook Lives. Love them. Although I still have yet to get round to implementing any of the things I want to. I really need to get started with that. I’ve just signed up to your Organised Life Project and I’m going to check out some of those blogs too.

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    Oh I will have to check out Aby’s facebook live. I always miss them. Hurray for new carpets we need them so badly too. Waiting for the kids to get slightly older so they don’t ruin the new ones again immediately hahaha Some great blog reads here lovely. Thanks. Hope you had a good weekend. #littleloves

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    I’ll have to set aside some time and read the blog posts that you mentioned, I must book mark them.
    Have you read the Girl with all the gifts? It is a million times better than the film, unfortunately part of the fun is the twist of finding out the children are zombies, but that aside it is such a page turner. xx

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