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Well, after the quiet of exam week last week, this week has been a full-on marking week. We also had a really busy weekend, and sometimes you then feel like you spend the rest of the week catching up. In some ways, it has been a bit of a week of doing odd jobs and tying up bits and pieces, which is very satisfying in a way.


I have read a lot this week. Yes, a lot of it was exam responses and essays, but I’ve also been reading Sherlock Holmes (I’m currently on The Hound of the Baskervilles) and Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, as I’m teaching it to Year 9. So far, they are really enjoying it. However,  part of the challenge of teaching it in preparation for an exam is to keep them enjoying it, even after the sixth practise question.

I’ve been using the Pomodoro time management technique with my work this week, and it has been brilliant. The idea is that you work solidly, without any distractions for 25 minutes and then take a 5 minute break. I have been amazed at how much I can get done in 25 minutes!


I haven’t watched much this week actually, except the first episode of Call the Midwife on Sunday. I really like Call the Midwife – not only do you get the amazing birth stories, but they also portray faith in a real, positive and sympathetic way. I can’t think of another TV show that does this.


I’ve really enjoyed hearing Lady Gaga’s new single ‘Million Reasons’ this week, and have found myself singing along several times. I’ve also been enjoying ‘Testify’ by Crystal Waters – clearly, these strong female singers are a sign of the times!


This isn’t really a new ‘Made,’ but I have put our command centre back up after having the hallway painted. I’m going to do a separate post on it, but it really helps me stay on track of things and keep organised.

Command centre

I’ve also written a lot of blog posts this week! I was really reluctant to post for a few days while my site changed hosts, and then I locked myself out for a few hours. Fortunately the brilliant staff at TSO host were able to sort me out, but it meant I had a bit of a backlog to clear. So the blog has been busy this week.


I’m letting Samuel take over this slot this week. A few weeks before Christmas, I took him food shopping. On the car journey there, he had a terrible nappy explosion, and I didn’t have a full change of clothes with me. Fortunately, Sainsbury’s near us stocks some clothing, and I got a really cute little outfit for him. Anyway, I thought I’d take several photos of him during the day when he wore it for this post. True to form, however, he needed a change of jumper straight after breakfast, so I only have this one of him looking at a cat in our garden!

and lastly

I’ve got a fab competition running where you could win a Callanetics Exercise DVD, so check it out here.

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    Your command centre looks really useful. I’ve had some lovely bits for my girls from sainsburys. I hate been caught out by a nappy explosion. I think I’m a bit complacent with my second child. I don’t think I have a spare set of clothes in my nappy bag as we so rarely need it. One day I’ll end up in your situation! #littleloves

    1. Reply

      That’s exactly it! I hadn’t needed one before so I was caught out, ha ha!

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    I need a command centre in my life – I’ve been pinning so many pictures of them on Pinterest! x

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      I have a board dedicated to command centres! I think one would look fab in your new kitchen…!

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    I love your command centre…..what a great idea! I’m already scoping out where I could put one!! ps. we have that little outfit for my son too – it’s so cute! #littleloves

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      Oh snap! I’m going to be a bit disappointed when it’s too warm for him to wear it!

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    Commenting on behalf of myself and Morgana this week: Oh that looks like a lot of essays for sure. Loving your little man’s outfit so cute. I need a center command center like yours that’s fab. I am awful at trying to schedule meals it’s usually five minutes before I need to start cooking something I open the fridge and make a concoction of some sort means we rarely ever eat the same meal twice. hahaha Hope you had a great weekend. Thanks for linking up. #littleloves

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      That was only half the papers!!! We had a lovely weekend, and I’m really enjoying #littleloves.

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