Little Loves 3: Sherlock and Dessert…


I’ve actually had a fairly quiet week this week. It’s been exam week at school which has meant a lot of wandering up and down rows of students but not so much planning for me. We’ve been hit by illness again – well, Samuel has – so I’ve been to the doctors with him and that’s about it! But here’s my #littleloves for this week.


Still no progress on Middlemarch… but I have made a start on The Complete Sherlock Holmes. It may or may not have been inspired by what I watched… Actually, yes, it definitely was inspired. Either way, I’ve read ‘A Study in Scarlet’ and am really enjoying it.

After a really quiet year, reading-wise, last year, I am really enjoying getting back into reading.


Sherlock. Sunday. Oh my goodness.

Sherlock Holmes The Pirate

I have absolutely loved Sherlock since the start, and so I was completely gripped throughout. Yes, there were plot holes. OK, so some viewers wanted more mystery and less character background. But for me, I was completely caught up in it, and it’s a long time since I’ve watched something that gripping.

If it’s the last one, I’ll be sad, because I think Benedict Cumberbatch is a brilliant Sherlock, and I also think the modern updates are amazing. But equally, if it is the last one, it’s ended in a good place.


On Friday, Ben had his first school disco. The Infants’ disco was 6-7pm, and Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 were all dressed up in their finery, waving glowsticks (3 for £1, a bargain) and attempting to win in the girls vs. boys dance off. As you can imagine, the music was VERY loud, and hits such as Gangam Style were popular.

I was helping out and I don’t think my eardrums have quite recovered!


Raspberry, white chocolate and cardamom tart

Last weekend, I made this White Chocolate and Cardamom Tart with Raspberries in preparation for a Valentine’s Day post. Tim actually declared that he would happily pay money for it in a restaurant, which, from him, is pretty high praise.


You know what? This is the bit of #LittleLoves that I really struggle with. My own wardrobe – and that of the children, to be honest – has really suffered over the last few years of pregnancies and breastfeeding, and fashion definitely hasn’t been a priority in terms of spending money. I have been enjoying Life at the Little Wood‘s Instagram stories, where Emma often shares what she’s wearing.

and lastly

I’ve been a bit overwhelmed with blogging this week. It’s actually one year since I went self-hosted, so a bit of a blog-anniversary for me. I switched hosts, which was a bit stressful but actually went incredibly smoothly, but it meant I didn’t post for nearly the whole week. As a result, I’ve got several posts which need to be published and shared, and I’ve got a bit overwhelmed by it all. Basically, I want to be doing everything really, really well. So I want my subscribers to get the best content; I want my Instagram feed to be stunning; I want my content to be top-form; I want to be sharing and supporting in the community as best as I can… You get the idea. Overwhelming.

So bear with me for a few days while I get back on top of things! And if you want to be part of my Organised Life Project, which is developing into a brilliantly supportive community, or to receive my newsletter (the first one should go out next weekend), please sign up at the bottom of the post.

I’ll be using the #littleloves hashtag over on Instagram too. You can follow me here. 

By Naomi


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    I completely agree with you about Sherlock. My favourite so far for sure.
    That tart looks amazing! I’ve never braved making anything like that, so I am in awe! xx

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      I do like baking but this was much easier than it looks!

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    I keep meaning to start watching Sherlock! That tart looks amazing. You’re brave helping at the disco! #littleloves

    1. Reply

      Brave but foolish! Ha ha! You have to start watching Sherlock, it’s amazing!

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