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Ever since I was quite young, I have loved playing with make up. In the late 80s and early 90s I would play around with bright blue eyeshadow, coloured mascara and shimmery lipstick. Make up was so much fun.

In my 20s, I grew a bit more skilled, and my tastes – and fashion – changed a bit. Fewer bright colours, lots of lip gloss. . Then flicky eyeliner (which I’m still practising). Contouring. Primer. Strobing. I admit it, I love it.

Urban Decay giveaway - win £75 of Urban Decay make up!

Urban Decay Make Up

Urban Decay is a huge brand in the world of make-up. It’s colours are funky and exciting. The formulations are lovely – smooth textured and comfortable to wear. They are long lasting and the packaging is gorgeous too.

It’s actually been 20 years since Urban Decay launched their first collection. To mark this huge milestone, they are bringing back some of their vintage shades. These are cult favourites, including UV-B, a vibrant blue with a purple shift, and Pallor, a frosted lavender grey which is extremely flattering.

The formulation of the shades has been updated, using Urban Decay’s Pigment Infusion System TM which means the colour is really rich and the texture is really creamy.

Urban Decay Giveaway

The Giveaway

I have a set of five of these gorgeous lipsticks to give away. They are the perfect gift for the teenager in your life (my A-level students went crazy when I told them about this), or perhaps for you to rediscover the shades of those fun 1990s.

The whole set is worth £75 so this prize is amazing!

The Urban Decay Vice Lipstick Shades

The shades in the set are:

Frostbite: A frosted deep blue with multicoloured microglitter

Smog: A deep coppery bronze

UV-B: A vibrant blue with purple shift

Pallor: A frosted lavender with gray shift

Asphyxia: A soft lavender with blue micro-glitter

This really is a brilliant prize!

To enter, you use the Rafflecopter form below. You can get multiple entries by visiting my Facebook page, following me on Twitter, subscribing to my emails and commenting on the post.

The competition will close on Sunday 18th December at midnight, so if you wish to give them as a Christmas present, they should get to you on time if you win.

Good luck everybody!



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By Naomi


  1. Reply

    Oooh I love these! Not sure which is my favourite, I think I’d be rocking the bronze one over Christmas season the most. Or maybe the light lavender one. All are gorgeous.

  2. Reply

    Plummy red

  3. Reply

    i like the smog

  4. Reply

    Smog is my favourite – it’s so christmassy!!

  5. Reply

    I love Urban Decay, what a great giveaway! I hope I win hahah! x

  6. Reply

    Oh and my favourite is the dark purple one!

  7. Reply

    Omg love Smog! Thanks for the chance!! x

  8. Reply

    Love the cream vice in the colour ‘crisis’. Absolutely beautiful colour!

  9. Reply

    Love the cream vice in the colour ‘crisis’!

  10. Reply

    My teenage daughters Christmas list are both full of Urban Decay make up. I’m more of a classic red kind of girl myself but Smog is very pretty for winter 🙂 Lisa

  11. Reply

    Smog: A deep coppery bronze 🙂

  12. Reply

    I love the SMog – it will match my sparkles usually

  13. Reply

    I really like the Asphyxia but close second is smog they are both very different.

  14. Reply

    Smog is gorgeous!

  15. Reply

    i really love the Smog shade its gorgeous x

  16. Reply

    I like the look of UV-B

  17. Reply

    I like smog!

  18. Reply

    I love Asphyxia

  19. Reply

    My favorite is Sheer liar

  20. Reply

    My favourite is the Asphyxia with a touch of sparkle.

  21. Reply

    I love the look of them all but Pallor stands out what a stunning prize at Christmas to make a perfect kiss under the mistletoe

  22. Reply

    Has to be Frostbite for me – its gorgeous!

  23. Reply

    Smog is my fave 🙂

  24. Reply

    I love the UV-B: A vibrant blue with purple shift, thanks.x

  25. Reply

    the UV-B looks lovely

  26. Reply

    How very exciting! I love the shade Smog!

  27. Reply

    Ooh they all look great.

  28. Reply

    Smog is my favourite UD shade but I do really like them all

  29. Reply

    Always up for reliving the 90s!! I like the bronze one but kind of dying to try them all!!

  30. Reply

    frostbite is cool!

  31. Reply

    like the smog!

  32. Reply

    I like Pallor 🙂

  33. Reply

    love light pink shades

  34. Reply


  35. Reply

    i like the sound of Smog!

  36. Reply

    omg!! i adored these as a teen. All these shades are vibrant but i would pick Pallor as my favourite.

  37. Reply

    asphyxia looks fab!

  38. Reply

    Wow would love to win any of this, I love to experiment with make up especially lipsticks ???

  39. Reply

    asphyxia is my favourite!

  40. Reply

    Asphyxia is lovely!

  41. Reply

    I prefer the Smog bronze/copper colour x

  42. Reply

    i think Pallor looks like a really nice shade

  43. Reply

    Smog is so unbelievably gorgeous!

  44. Reply

    i like the smog thank u for the chance

  45. Reply

    Nice ?? ?❤️??

  46. Reply


  47. Reply


  48. Reply

    Asphyxia is my favourite!

  49. Reply

    The smog for me

  50. Reply

    I like the bronze colour

  51. Reply


  52. Reply

    The Asphyxia is my favourite! I have 3 different shades of purple flashed through my hair with foils and this would compliment the purples so well! It is INSANELY difficult to find a perfect purple shade of lipstick….now I see TWO! lol The Asphyxia wins for me though.

  53. Reply

    Pallor is lovely.

  54. Reply


  55. Reply

    I like the UV-B

  56. Reply

    i like the smog!

  57. Reply

    Smog is my favourite, so fab!

  58. Reply

    I love pale pink lipsticks

  59. Reply

    Frostbite I think – Very festive name too!

  60. Reply

    smog my daughter would love the colours in this gift set

  61. Reply

    I think Smog is my favourite

  62. Reply

    My favourite is Pallor

  63. Reply

    Ooooh they all look really good, I think Smog is my favourite 🙂

  64. Reply

    Asphyxia looks fab 🙂

  65. Reply

    Asphyxia is my favourite but I would find it really fun to try them all

  66. Reply

    They’re all STUNNING but I’ll have to go with Frostbite, it’s so unique xx

  67. Reply


  68. Reply

    Smog looks good

  69. Reply

    Asphyxia: A soft lavender with blue micro-glitter – looks amazing, would love to try

  70. Reply

    Love them all but Pallor is my fave

  71. Reply

    I like the sheer liar shade

  72. Reply

    I like barfly ~

  73. Reply

    Asphyxia is really pretty!

  74. Reply

    Pallor looks gorgeous

  75. Reply

    Smog is lovely x

  76. Reply

    I like Pallor, it’s more my style x

  77. Reply

    I like the brown looking one

  78. Reply

    These look gorgeous, I like the shade SMOG x

  79. Reply

    Pallor is my favourite 🙂

  80. Reply

    I like smog

  81. Reply

    🙂 Smog 🙂

  82. Reply

    smog xxx

  83. Reply

    Smog: A deep coppery bronze

  84. Reply

    Wow their so different! I’m loving Pallor though, so pretty

  85. Reply

    UV-B looks amazing, need to try it! xxx

  86. Reply


  87. Reply

    Definately the UV-B: A vibrant blue with purple shift…perfect for parties. x

  88. Reply

    Lovely prize. I’d like to try the Pallor one

  89. Reply

    My favourite is Pallor

  90. Reply


  91. Reply

    Smog is my fav

  92. Reply

    Vice Lipstick Liar

  93. Reply

    I love Afterdark – would love to try the matte range

  94. Reply

    Smog ❤

  95. Reply

    Asphyxia is gorgeous and unusual!

  96. Reply

    They’re all gorgeous but I love Frostbite.

  97. Reply

    I think the Smog: A deep coppery bronze is my favourite.

  98. Reply

    It’s Smog that’s the one that’s my favourite

  99. Reply

    Smog 🙂

  100. Reply

    asphyxia looks lovely

  101. Reply

    They are all lovely but pallor is more my colour

  102. Reply

    I like UV-B

  103. Reply

    Smog is my favourite thanks for the chance ?

  104. Reply

    smog is a beautiful shade!

  105. Reply

    Pallor looks nice

  106. Reply

    Smog 🙂

  107. Reply

    I am loving these colours! Pallor is my favourite :0

  108. Reply

    smog as is makes me think of christmas!

  109. Reply

    I really like the Pallor shade

  110. Reply

    Frostbite, I love blue!

  111. Reply

    Plummy red

  112. Reply

    I really like the smog shade!

  113. Reply

    Smog is my favourite

  114. Reply

    I love the Rock steady shade the reds are perfect for Christmas x

  115. Reply

    Difficult choice, got ng with smog.

  116. Reply

    My teen likes Vice Lipstick Pandemonium

  117. Reply

    The sheer liar (sheer)

  118. Reply

    Smog is lovely

  119. Reply


  120. Reply

    I love smog

  121. Reply

    Asphyxia is my fav really like them all. Would need to hide them from my daughter who is 17 i think she would like that one too . Good luck everyone.

  122. Reply


  123. Reply

    For me it has to be the smog it’s so lovely

  124. Reply

    I love the Smog shade

  125. Reply

    UV-B: A vibrant blue with purple shift

  126. Reply

    I’m a fan of Pallor – so stunning!! 🙂

  127. Reply

    I have to agree with a lot of the other posters, that smog colour is beautiful

  128. Reply

    I like the look of the Smog x Merry Christmas x

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