Get ready for Christmas with my Countdown!

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Do you know how many weeks there are until Christmas?

There are 10. Yes, 10 short weeks left until 25th December. That is not a lot of time to get ready for Christmas.

I know, it feels like we only just got back to school.

But, if you’re anything like me, you’re starting to hear people mention presents, parties and turkey.

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Don’t Panic: Get Planning

Over the next 10 weeks, I’m going to be running a weekly Christmas Countdown. Each week, you will receive an email detailing the priority jobs for that week.

One by one, we’ll tick off the list and get the jobs done. We’ll get the presents wrapped, the cards sent and the menus sorted.

We’ll save money by sticking to a budget and avoiding those last minute buys – you know, the ones where you end up spending twice as much as you’d planned, and then feeling guilty.

We’ll even make time to get in touch with people you don’t often see, or people you’ve meant to visit all year. So you don’t get to January feeling miserable that you haven’t been in touch.

The best thing? You don’t need to think about all this – I’ve done it for you. I’ll help you get ready for Christmas.

Christmas is coming…

More than anything, Christmas should be a time of celebration and relaxation for you. The only way you can make that happen is by getting organised now. Then each week, you’ll get a break down of manageable tasks.

So sit tight and sign up to our Christmas Countdown mailing list, and we’ll get it done together.

By Naomi

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