Can you get fit in six weeks? Yes, you can


Just over six weeks ago, I signed up to the Marriott’s Fit in Six programme. I had my personal training sessions, and started working out. But is it really possible to go from unfit to fit in six weeks?

I’ve now completed the programme, so how did I find it?

Womans feet running on the treadmill at the gym

The first two weeks

Like most people, I was really enthusiastic to start with. It was a bit of a journey to get there, having to go out to the M6 and up to Preston, but I didn’t mind too much. The gym was nice, and, to be honest, an hour or so away from the children felt like a bit of a treat.

The middle fortnight

I kept going. It got harder when we were busier. Samuel got a cold and we didn’t sleep very well. But I did keep going. I even used my precious child-free hours during the day when Samuel had his nursery settling in sessions. The gym sessions were hard, but short. I really enjoyed my Pilates sessions and could feel how much of a difference it was making.

The final fortnight

Hmmm…. Since I’ve gone back to work? There hasn’t been quite so many gym visits. My evenings are taken up, once again, with planning, marking, housework and the endless laundry. Plus we’ve had both children exhausted and struck down by nursery germs. If the gym was a bit closer, I could have got there more often, but would I? In all honesty, I don’t know. 5am starts, intense days and busy evenings are all too routine at the moment.

Can you get fit in six weeks?


I’m fitter. Significantly fitter. I can run for 15 minutes at a fairly quick pace without stopping. I expect, if I made some time to do it, I could actually go out and run 5k.

I’m stronger. From doing reps at the beginning of the six weeks where my arms were shaking and I could barely lift one more, I’m completing the set and pushing myself to do more.

But the best thing? My stomach muscles have made a reappearance! OK, I’m not washboard-stomach thin yet (I have a serious cake habit), but they are so, so much better. I had absolutely no idea that just six weeks could make such a significant difference. They are so much better that this weekend past, I actually went out in a stretchy, flared jumpsuit. Yes, it was for a fancy dress party, but that’s not the point. 6 weeks ago, I would never have even looked at it as a possibility.

I’ve also lost 4 pounds, which is quite an achievement as I’m now lighter than I was before getting pregnant. In fact, my trousers are so loose, I’m going to have to go shopping! (This is not a bad thing.)

Can you get fit in six weeks?

The future?

So, all in all, the picture looks good. But the best thing for me is that it’s given me a real jump-start to fitness.

I feel confident in going out for a run now, and know that I won’t end up walking after 30 seconds (but that would be fine, no judgement here). I am desperate to find a local Pilates class at a time I can actually attend, because I really think that has helped my stomach muscles.

Fit in Six is a summer initiative, but Marriott gyms run it every summer. It’s a great way to get you into the gym, to kick start your fitness routine and to help you achieve your goals. I have loved having my membership, and I am amazed by how much I’ve been able to improve in such a short space of time. Yes, you definitely can get fit in six weeks!

By Naomi


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    I support all things fitness. I’ve done it all because I would either max out what I was doing, hurt myself (I ended up having shoulder surgery in April from over-exercising my shoulder) or get bored. I ended up getting a puppy because I was lonely at home all day and I needed an exercise buddy. My dog turns one this Sunday and I’ve lost fifteen pounds and really don’t need to lose any more. I say do what feels good and good luck getting it done!

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